4 Important Superfoods You NEED to Eat

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  1. Lux Vansolar
    Lux Vansolar says:

    Been on a Super Food Diet for three years; I don't feel any difference in my health from making my cheeseburgers wear tiny capes before I eat them. Are they putting Kryptonite in the pesticides in the two grains of wheat now?

  2. life on earth
    life on earth says:

    I am thinking of only eating fruits and veggies, i found out that a lot of the seafood that we purchase is probably fake i just made a video you can go to my channel and see it. It tasted like i was eating paper like i toke a bit of paper towel. I wish Dr.Oz would do a segment about possible fake foods because i feel that we need to be more aware about what to look for in seafood and meats.


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