ADHD Test: Symptoms and Treatments

Nearly 10 million adults could have ADHD and many might not realize it. Dr. Oz and psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma discuss why it’s so important to find out if you or a …

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  1. Alvin
    Alvin says:

    The sad thing is most of the time eg:
    Woman have diagnosis they will be understand more than.
    Guys who have ADHD like me example who are often judge as immature, rude or abusive

  2. Malcomis Malcolm
    Malcomis Malcolm says:

    Why are they disorders? Because specific personalities poorly built a social mechanism that is unable to accommodate for the diverse set of personalities that make up any given population. Humanity was not meant to be herded through a false sense of reality that was created to satisfy the greed and prosperity of the top 1 percent. We are not failing because of these "disorders", we have been failed by the creators of the society in which we reside and then stamped with a plethora of diagnoses because we are different.

  3. Omar Plascencia
    Omar Plascencia says:

    You know you have adhd when you're doing homework online and get through the first 5 questions and decide to watch a ted talk, get throught 7 minutes, get bored then watch soccer for about 2 hours and then this video which reminded me…. I still haven't finished my homework!!!

  4. UnknxwnShorty
    UnknxwnShorty says:

    My parents never told me I have adhd… I found out on accident and now I don’t know how to tell them that I know. I’m a freshman and I’m only 14 so it’s hard for me to do good in school but I never knew why I couldn’t focus but now it’s like I don’t know if I want the addys to help or not… please give me a suggestion


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