Are We at Risk for a Global Pandemic? – Part 1

Are We at Risk for a Global Pandemic? Dr. Oz talks with director Steven Soderbergh, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tom …

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  1. D Clifford
    D Clifford says:

    We are "always" at risk of a pandemic. As the world gets smaller it becomes more likely. It's common sense. The thing people need to do is choose to live paranoid of the possibility of a deadly illness, or to live the best you can. We will all die. That is the only guarantee in life.

    How we live matters. I mean….eat healthfully, wash your hands, stay home when sick, cough in your elbow, but also choose how you're going to approach stuff like this. If it includes living to fight the "possibility" of death 24/7 please don't push that onto those who may choose to not live like that is all.


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