Can an Infected Cook Transmit COVID 19 Through Your Food?

Can an Infected Cook Transmit COVID 19 Through Your Food ? Watch more on The Dr. Oz Show: Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube …

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  1. Starr Rivers
    Starr Rivers says:

    Some of the fast food chain restaurants are safer than your own kitchen. They take temperatures of employees before they enter the building, are constantly washing hands and sanitizing, wearing masks, etc. They only use 4-5 employees at a time. In fact, I rather pick up food there than fight the germ loaded crowds at the grocery stores and box stores!

  2. Wild Flower
    Wild Flower says:

    Well my thing is if I didn’t trust the restaurant BEFORE the virus then I student trust them now. I have a few takeout restaurants I go to and I only allow two of them to deliver to me…other then that I pick up my own food. Way to many people were nasty before the virus who delivered food. I’m not taking that chance with this virus being a killer. They say trust takeout but didn’t they also say DON’T wear a mask and now we should wear masks…kinda hard to believe what they say…but then again people of color don’t want to wear masks since it makes white people uncomfortable…especially itchy fingered cops. Me personally my children and I will wear masks because I wasn’t put ion this earth to make white people feel comfortable…that’s not my job…my job is to protect my family. Maybe this is partly why his virus is here to get people to stop the hatred and work together…of course that needs a miracle with the world the way it is. I’ll just put everyone…and yes I mean everyone in my prayers daily.

  3. Cadium Graphics
    Cadium Graphics says:

    Great, but you're just assuming that all the restaurants are following "the strict protocols and procedures" Not all the workers will bother following the rules, It is just betting that the person who made your food is safe and didn't sneeze or cough in your food

  4. Sunnyvale Farms
    Sunnyvale Farms says:

    Nice musical video —-> however none of the workers were using Food service gloves ,or stronger ! Very poor video. illustration, even in the best of times, careful restaurant use food service gloves on all their employees that are cooking. The microwave illustration showed a three minute 58 second timer. That would definitely destroy most takeout food. Poor choice of microwave illustration .Probably good content, poor choice of videos!

  5. NerdyPunkRockfan808
    NerdyPunkRockfan808 says:

    As cook myself I would imagine it would be transmitted the same way any other food borne illness does. Norovirus and Hepatitis A are the most common food borne viruses and are transmitted from people not washing their hands after using the bathroom. So washing hands is essential for preventing these illnesses. Same thing probably applies to this as well. The scary part is it took a pandemic for people to start washing their hands.

  6. 9639 jc
    9639 jc says:

    Microwave food cause more harm to human body, don't you know, Dr Oz? Reheating food cause food to lose nutrients too, Dr Oz. Bet you don't cook yourself…. 🤭

  7. nmr20067
    nmr20067 says:

    Yes, you can. You don’t know what every Fast food restaurant is doing behind closed walls. You’re only making an assumption they’re all doing the right thing. Some may well be and some are definitely not, I assure you…. That’s the risk you take right now…. It’s in you…

  8. stubborn Taurus bull
    stubborn Taurus bull says:

    I just brought that up to my daughter today, because, i've seen soo many commercials where they're showing how the people that are still working in restaurants, and delivering foods, are not wearing masks while they prepare food. She brought up a good point though, if they're not available for the nurses, that are Hands-On with these people with the virus, why would they give them to restaurant workers? Tough pill to swallow!


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