Can Plastic Surgery…MELT? | Doctor Vs Google ft. Dr. Youn

A few weeks ago I reacted to some TikToks and you were quick to point out that I featured one from Dr. Anthony Youn, a new YouTuber who’s been teaching us …

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  1. stardove3
    stardove3 says:

    Veterinarian to chime in on plastic surgery on pets! My own dog ended up needing a vulvoplasty. She had a recessed vulva where it was tucked into skin folds, which was trapping moisture leading to chronic and recurring UTI's. Rather than keep her on antibiotics, culturing over and over again and having her uncomfortable I had my colleague do the procedure. Some of the wrinkly faced dogs can have entriopion where the eyelids roll in and rub the eye leading to ulcers and inflammation. Or Ectropion where it rolls out and the eyes dry out leading to ulcers. They can also get facial fold dermatitis so the surgeries can greatly improve quality of life. I was also super proud of myself for reattaching the skin to a kitten's jaw once. That was a very cool and very rewarding experience.

  2. brittney f
    brittney f says:

    So plastic surgery for dogs. Fun fact: it's more common then you think! Alot for testicles. Yes. Testicles. Alot of people will spend alot of money to get their dog implants for their testicles. It's totally unnecessary, because the dogs will not miss them and it's better health wise to not have them, but some owners feel bad or want that look without risk of testicular cancer or want a change behavioral wise.

  3. Elizabeth Darsey
    Elizabeth Darsey says:

    I couldn’t resist when you mentioned animal plastic surgery! I’m 100% okay with surgeries that actually benefit the animal but I was shocked to learn there are now canine testicular prosthetics because some dog owners (from what I saw, primarily men) who want their dog neutered but have some issue with their male dog not looking “manly” by no longer having anything swinging! Even more shocking was the fact that there were vets willing to do this surgery! (It’s those situations I really wish there was a button on my phone that would allow me to send a forehead slap to a phone number… granted, I’d probably get arrested for assault because I would just sit here sending them over and over to dog owners who do this!!

  4. Umicha 머피 x 莫菲朱 x Mofei
    Umicha 머피 x 莫菲朱 x Mofei says:

    Random thing, but sometimes your voice sounds a whole lot like Jack Black voicing Po from 功夫熊猫 (Kung Fu Panda). Love the movie from the next nanometer to the last, but my supposedly very sensitive hearing is…a superpower of mine that goes on its on tangent. From, a former fan


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