Charlie Sheen on What Caused His 2011 Meltdown

Actor Charlie Sheen reveals to Dr. Oz that he felt “superhuman” during his 2011 meltdown and believes that testosterone cream played a role in causing his …

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  1. damith goonerathne
    damith goonerathne says:

    He is not only one who had issues in Hollywood. I feel like he is melt down could have not have been a issue. Its abc they care about saving theirs own ass rather than doing what right in a business case what happened in the end show lasted only two seasons . He has recovered. But show died.

  2. Guy Baker
    Guy Baker says:

    I don't listen to any guy that's a pedophile and that's a fact he's raped kids rape little girls the guy should be in prison for the rest of his life yeah he's walking around being on TV talking what up Joe discusses me

  3. Leo Tay
    Leo Tay says:

    Okay, I've been a fan of Dr. Oz for a while, even a couple years back when everyone made fun of him, but idk, I barely watched this and I didn't like him, i didn't believe him, he's putting words on him, he's telling Charlie what to say, that's not an interview nor a conversation, he's commanding him with power, call me a crazy theorist but I think Dr. Oz is working for something or someone bigger, meaner, with not very good intentions

  4. ItsLew :
    ItsLew : says:

    He was on hard drugs and pharmaceuticals, I’m sorry I love this man but that’s a bold face lie. I know this from personal experience. I hope he gets better, but he’s playing with his mental illness by using hard drugs. Simple as that.

  5. Guy Baker
    Guy Baker says:

    To put yourself around Charlie Sheen the pedophile that rapes kids it's not looking good for you people will have nothing to do with you hanging out with some child molester some pedophile Charlie Shane is a pedophile

  6. Jacqueline Lang
    Jacqueline Lang says:

    No Wonder he melted down in 2011, that was the HIV diagnosis time. Detached, Out Of Body, Bipolar Like Behaviours certainly not uncommon with such life changing news. 5years down the track; Feb 25, 2016, published date; he has had successful treatment so dealing with life & mortality a lot better. Good On You Charlie ❤️

  7. Res Ipsa
    Res Ipsa says:

    T Cream was not the issue. It was the estradiol increase that caused the detached feeling. E2 causes brainfog, anger, etc….Few men can get to a total testosterone level of 500ng-700ng on cream. it shuts the nuts down and causes more problems. This is the problem with T prescription. FIrst you whould address GItract and inflamation, which with his boozing means his GIis tore up. Then address high estrogens. Then test for T levels and adjust.

  8. Ayo Balogun
    Ayo Balogun says:

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  9. M &M's
    M &M's says:

    Thanks for your recommendations on ubigunol. You told us men that are over 40 years of age to stop the vitamin E and switch it with coenzyme Q 10. And so I have. It's been at least 3yrs since I made the swith. Hello Charlie, hope your feeling better. 💆


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