Could Antiperspirants or Deodorants Cause Alzheimer's?

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  1. n. prince
    n. prince says:

    7 steps to toxic Deordorant freedom. You want to be armed with confidence. You want deodorants that allow the body to function naturally by not obstructing your pores.

    Step 1) take a bath by soaking your body with Epson Salt. Approximately 45min.

    Step 2) Take a rinse bath with water and 3 teaspoons of Baking Soda. Approximately 15min. ( For Babies 1 teaspoon of baking soda) (*1 teaspoon of baking soda bath is good for babies with a fever, too).

    Step 3) Second Rinse. Shower in Bonner's Castile Soap Shampoo (Maybe Peppermint)

    3) Under arm detox: Bentonite Clay Mask *3-7 days.

    …or Primally Pure Detox

    *Reapply as necessary.

    (You can start Friday night, after work, and be ready to proceed to the next step 7) Monday morning).

    Step 4) *During those days, shower with Dr. Bonner's Castile Soap bar soap

    Step 5) *During those days, for the armpits use fresh organic lemon.
    (and Tea Tree Oil)

    Step 6) Then coconut oil mixed with lavender oil (maybe with a little baking soda mix); courtesy of your local health store.

    Step 7) This is the list you have been waiting for armpit control:

    A) Native Deodorant
    (try the coconut/vanilla combo)

    B) Crystal Deodorant from TJ Max (you must wet it first before use) or

    Crystal Mineral Stick, Roll on, or Spray
    on Amazon

    C) Meow Meow Tweet –

    D) Primally Pure –

    E) Lume last but not least may last longest by far, maybe even further than my cat's Meow Meow Tweet (these are might be the best of the best. Try them all. Find the one that blends with you.

    Alternative Natural combination:
    [ Some will still go for just Shea Butter, baking soda and esential oil mix]

    [ Some will use Himalayan Salt (an attractive crystal ball]!11580!US!-1

    Combined with steps 5) and 6)

    * Dr. Bonner's Shampoo can be used everyday or every other day. Find your combination.

  2. n. prince
    n. prince says:

    No offense, but Dr.OZ relied on sophisticated corporate women and women with PHDs who has been sophisticated and careful enough to mislead us by broadcasting the Pros and omitting the Cons. These are, predominantly, the same types of individuals that gets paid huge dividends to sell us out and undermining us by promoting commercial poisons.

    They have absolutely no qualms nor morals about deceiving us; Courtesy of (the desperation for) the U.S. dollar.

    Breast Cancer has been very prevalent among women. Do you feel a lump under your armpits? Will that lump migrate to your chest/breast?

    Why would someone want to artificially block what our Creator gave us? The body will form a Cancer just to protect itself from the metal, ultimately injuring itself to death.

    I would twice about using aluminum or any junk metal on the body.

    It is bad enough cooking with aluminum has been touted to result in Alzheimer, Parkinson's and Dementia.

    (With maybe the exception of Copper. If the metal cannot be magnetized by the Earth's crust, I wouldn't trust cooking with it. Use a magnet. If it doesn't stick, don't cook with it.)

    Here is the real deal, the TRUTH:
    (the online warriors)

    Safer Deodorants:

    [Video 5:15min]


    [Video 6:15min]


    [Video 9:20min]


    [Video 12:27min]

    Hopefully, this will help someone out there. This will set you on the tracks of the right path.

  3. robinhood 46
    robinhood 46 says:

    Thankyou for clearing that up. I allways believed that we had hair under our arms and every where else that we sweat to increase the ability of our bodies to evacuate toxins. This is what the good lord thought too, thats why he put them there. Shave them off and add more toxins, sounds like an excellent plan to me. If only the good lord went to medical school he wouldn't have got everything wrong too.

  4. VapeKing
    VapeKing says:

    You can find deoderant without aluminium its not easy but possible. Im a man and I use old spice high endurance which is very good and smells great but be careful because some old spice does contain aluminum always check the ingridients. Oh and those old aluminum pots n pans passed down from grandma must go too! I also hear chlorella taken daily can clean out any aluminum or other metals in our body from fillings even.

  5. Mariah Wieske-Ormsby
    Mariah Wieske-Ormsby says:

    Hippy dippy pseudo science nonsense. Read academic journals and you'll also find no causal link between aluminum and breast cancer, alzheimers, etc. But the lay person has it all figured out, "oh I'm putting aluminum near my boob, must be leaching in and causing breast cancer!" 🙄 What I want is a reasonably priced antiperspirant in a refillable container. Cut out the plastic.

  6. Ron Erickson
    Ron Erickson says:

    If you want to relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer's or dementia disease take an eyebrow tweezers and remove the hair follicles from the patients hands, feet, and wrists. This should have an immediate effect on their well being.

  7. Gab rielle
    Gab rielle says:

    She really said forgot about the aluminium in the deodorant??
    Why not suggest aluminum free deodorants since you're talking about it? Why not give us solutions or suggestions?

    Schmidts has natural deodorant without aluminium and I find it at Target for $4-6.

  8. Zeyna Nd
    Zeyna Nd says:

    I stopped using deoderant because it goed into your lymphatic system. What works is using vinigar and rub that on the skin. Leave it for a few minites and rinse it off. It kills the bacteria on the skin which creates that odor. I swear you dont smell even after several showers and workouts

  9. Rashida D
    Rashida D says:

    It has been proven that sweat contains body toxins dumb valley girl. If it's just heat then what's a cold sweat about. why do ppl have sweats and clamy skin when sick. Don't trust these fools that gave us aluminum in the first place. Dirty girl said use antiperspirant at night few times a week. Does she wash everyday? I'm guessing no😒🤢 Nasty ppl!

  10. Fernie Jackson
    Fernie Jackson says:

    I stopped using deoderant/ antiperspirant. And found that I rarely smell despite of it! -But it took a couple of weeks with smell, to rinse out the deoderant from my armpit pores.. I think a lot of people do not know that they do not smell without deoderizer. It is often a genetic thing, whether ones sweat contain specific bacteria that causes an unpleasant smell, once the sweat decomposes. For instance chorean people do not have a lot of problems with sweat smell. Interestingly children can be drenched in sweat and never ever smell .

  11. Got 2 B ME
    Got 2 B ME says:

    It's the CUMULATIVE effects; aluminum does surround us. Pots we use to cook, antiperspirants and hygiene products, some make up, and check out certain preservatives, especially in vaccines! We DO need to decrease our use.


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