Hey, guys! Welcome to another installment of Ask Doctor Mike. You’ve seen street magic, now get ready for street medicine. We took to the streets of NYC and …

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  1. Souvik Bansal
    Souvik Bansal says:

    Doctors should be like u… Hats off…. I'm from India. And I'm currently preparing for med exam and my online mentor ( He is a a diabetologist here btw ) always focuses to be a person ( a doctor ) that everyone feels relatable, to be open minded …. Like you… Love your content.. Thank you

  2. JMPf916
    JMPf916 says:

    I also get headaches almost everyday probably like 3-5 times per week ranging from mild to migraine level. My doctor said it’s because I was dehydrated but drinking more water hasn’t changed anything!!

    I wake up with the headaches probably 1-2 times a week am I supposed to freak out now?!

  3. TheSaifear
    TheSaifear says:

    I rly like this format:
    there are a lot of questions you dont ask your normal doctor. and you should. there are a lot of "half-sized-questions" no one asks, because there are A) bigger problems or B) no doc-visit at all because it seems minor.
    (and thats rly besides the point of no health-care available. then its even more important, but wouldnt be sufficient so its not rly for them. There are organizations for those I hope.)
    "Illness-Prevention" should be far more prominent than it is handeld right now. (sry for bad english)

  4. Jennie Joan
    Jennie Joan says:

    bing bing 😂 love that guy. Dr Mike really out here helping the ppl!! This is amazing I would be the girl like “OMG YR HUMAN” Im not even joking when I say YouTube has enriched my life, n idec how that comes off. I went through a really rough period and Dr mike was one of the first and only people to make me laugh in that time. Bless his heart ❤️


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