Did A Paramedic Kill His Wife With Eye Drops?

Did A Paramedic Kill His Wife With Eye Drops? Dr. Oz Investigates Joshua Lee Hunsucker , a North Carolina Paramedic Accused of Using Eye Drops to Fatally …

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  1. Ms. Kenni Tee
    Ms. Kenni Tee says:

    This story is so sad. Greed will make people do crazy things..all for the love of money. My heart hurts for this young ladies’ mom and children. Her mother’s intuition helped put this creep behind bars.

  2. Cynthia Z
    Cynthia Z says:

    So she was admitted to the hospital previously a couple of times. So what the heck did the doctors do? They didn't do any tests to find out what was going on? So when she was alive they could not figure out she was being poisoned? Only after she died investigators did the necessary tests? Those doctors and hospital are useless!!! What the heck were they doing every time she had gone to the hospital? Smdh…They did NOTHING for the poor lady…Family should sue them…

  3. J J
    J J says:

    So now everybody knows how to kill somebody unsuspectedly using eye drops especially when there is an opportunity by a beneficiary of a large insurance payout. Good job!

  4. Dr. YouTube
    Dr. YouTube says:

    I went on a double date with someone that was supposed to be a friend i wdnt out with her and she had a date and i went on a date with his friend we went out then we went to their apartment and we had glasses of wine, i saw eye drops on the counter i thought nothing of it next thing i know i passed out and remember blacking out and waking up to him raping me and his friend walking in the room i oassed back oht and woke up with my underwear in my pocket… My "friend" set me up to be raped i was drugged with eye drops!


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