Doctor And Nurse Play Would You Rather

Bianca Antisera is an incredible traveling nurse who provides health care to people around the world… and she’s also a hilarious gamer and fellow med …

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  1. Scruff McGruff
    Scruff McGruff says:

    My Ugly Ass: Wakes up in ER and sees Dr. Mike and Nurse Bianca standing over me
    Uhh, apparently there's been some sort of mix-up, pretty sure I belong in the Other Place…

  2. John Doe
    John Doe says:

    I may be biased, but I would rather be treated by a med student, because med students are legally required to have an attending overseeing their care.

  3. Victoria Myst
    Victoria Myst says:

    She’s so pretty and cool with her attitude- no wonder older nurses were giving her hard time. People do that at every job, in any field – why though. Why not be super cool & friendly, too 🙂

  4. Lord Inter
    Lord Inter says:

    a ring, a ring of roses, a pocket full of poses, a tissue a tissue we all fall down, roughly 5 seconds long, sing it twice, this is advice on cleaning your hands especially in covid time 🤣

  5. rendigmor
    rendigmor says:

    What. Are. Those. Genpools. How gorgeous can people look. It's insane. Where does one find such beauty? Are you artificially created, to look beautiful AND be smart?

  6. RoyalT Magic
    RoyalT Magic says:

    Huge favor to ask, please do a video with a radiologic technologist, we don’t get the recognition that we deserve especially with nurses claiming they could do our jobs. It undermines our intellect and schooling and you shining a light on rad techs could help show us in the light we deserve!

  7. Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose says:

    I had two choices for going into psychiatry, stay where I am and go through med school Only and suffer or go to uni and go allcthe at to undergrad before heading to med school and post poney suffering… I think I made a good choice

    Let's be honest most ER cases are STUPID experiences not terrifying ones


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