Doctor Mike On Set of The Resident! | Audition FAIL + Cast Interview

I have NEVER been on the set of a major TV show and when the folks from The Resident reached out I was incredibly excited to make this video happen.

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  1. Simon Hansen
    Simon Hansen says:

    Wasn't this a treat. I imagine it must've been nice for the actor to have an actual doctor nonironically come in and sort of validate his hob like that, much like how I enjoy watching a show like Cell At Work and then have Dr, Hope comment on it. Makes for an easier time.

  2. Nina Ray
    Nina Ray says:

    I started watching the resident because of this video and I have never loved a medical drama more! Honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop binge watching it. It’s also so fascinating to rewatch this after seeing the show. It’s all so familiar now!


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