Doctor Reacts To Absurd Facebook Health Posts Ep. 2

Last summer I reacted to some bizarre health posts I’d found on Facebook. I logged back in to see if I could fact-check any more posts that seemed to be …

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  1. Klutzy Mutt
    Klutzy Mutt says:

    That Grapefruit one is crazy dangerous…has to be a dangerous prank from someone who knows better. Put it as being anti- "Big Pharma" and sooooooooooo many people will do it!!!!

  2. farah shahin
    farah shahin says:

    There are people in india who believe cow urine cure any diseases..🤔People use cow dung in some food…any thing related to cow is religious belief🤫..people drinks cow urine as first thing in the morning here🧟‍♂️. And yes they are so called educated and degree holders.. Some are in medical professions. 🧐

  3. Dev
    Dev says:

    Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation sleep deprivation…..(pls read it in the same manner as "chest compression, chest compression, chest compression"🤣🤣🤣)
    Dr mike take care of your health and get a good night sleep

  4. Chloe, RN
    Chloe, RN says:

    In nursing school we were taught that placing cabbage leaves on breasts can alleviate engorgement and hasten lactation suppression in women that are breast feeding. It seems absurd, but there must be something to it since it made it’s way into one of my textbooks. I have since talked to some OB nurses about it and they say it really works. I say way to go cabbage. We all knew that you were more than just a high-fiber food. 🤓😜

  5. Sandra Khoury
    Sandra Khoury says:

    Did you know living will prevent death? It's true, I saw it with my own eyes and it especially helps if you hang garlic around your neck to detoxify your soul and scare the reaper.

  6. Eubner
    Eubner says:

    He's so intense in this video… He's like 300 cups of coffee at once… I like it… I laughed a lot… :3 Take care and have a nice day…!!! :3

  7. Bianca Monteiro Tavares
    Bianca Monteiro Tavares says:

    That I actually did too when I was in school I did avoid having a bad posture because my sister has an terrible posture and I don't want my spine too be like her's and I try to have a good posture even when I drive

  8. Melody Bensch
    Melody Bensch says:

    My mom convinced me in my deep state of depression to put cabbage on my boobs after they were painfully engorged after my baby loss. I felt like a fool but I was too sad to react. So cabbage lady I became.

  9. Beau Dure
    Beau Dure says:

    Related question on the fart thing: Is it NOT true that when you sometimes feel like you need to throw up, it may instead come out the other end? I sometimes feel like I'm not sure which way to, well, situate myself.


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