Doctor Reacts To Awkward Medical Memes Ep. 16

The medical memes just keep getting weirder! Today we talk about tonsil stones, Harry Potter, nasal tests, first year med students, gal bladder/gal stones, …

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  1. Jay
    Jay says:

    I'd love to see Doctor Mike's opinion on intermittent fasting. Like there's so many people saying your weight will drop so easily, and then there's people saying that they're promoting anorexic behavior, and that when they did that the doctors called it an eating disorder. I'm honestly just confused how fasting for 14-20 hour periods can be anywhere close to good for you. Like there's no way starving yourself for such a big part of the day can be healthy, right??

  2. Shythalia
    Shythalia says:

    Dr. Mike, I have a question: When we were kids, our mom would clean our ears with q-tips where its cotton is soaked in just the right amount of rubbing alcohol. Is this okay? I still do this to this day but not every week like we used to. I do clean my ears with cloth now, too.


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