Doctor Reacts To Family Guy Medical Scenes

I’ve reacted to The Simpsons and South Park medical scenes, so next up is Family Guy! Seth MacFarlane has created a funny world in Quahog, Rhode Island, …

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  1. Melmalade -
    Melmalade - says:

    Hello Dr Mike! I love these reaction videos. Could you please react to Rick and Morty medical scenes? There are quite a few to explore and it would be interesting to see how accurate or not these episodes are.

  2. Caden Mader
    Caden Mader says:

    I plan to be a surgeon soon and you have helped me a bit by saying what is realistic or what would happen in a medical situation so thank you and have a good day

  3. Sandy Hileman
    Sandy Hileman says:

    While my comparative anatomy class did not include humans…I'm pretty sure that dog kidneys are smaller than human kidneys unless you get into the giant breeds then those may be the right size but then there's also the species differences!

  4. Nikolaus Argetsinger
    Nikolaus Argetsinger says:

    As someone who has had a family member with Alzheimer's it can help to know this ahead of time so you can make plans in the future for family and friends on what to do and have contingencies when you get Alzheimer's

  5. riverstardis
    riverstardis says:

    Can you please react to Casualty? It’s a British medical drama and also the longest running medical drama in the world. I would recommend the coronavirus special (s35e01) or the terrorist attack episode (s34e01).

  6. Prometheus
    Prometheus says:

    Usually a pig or sheep organ would be used for a xenotransplantaion, and they dont last long. I cant imagine one of Brian's kidneys would be much of use to Peter for very long

  7. CraniumOnEmpty
    CraniumOnEmpty says:

    We had a guy in our unit we called Popeye. His arm got caught on a static line during a parachute jump, and it ripped his bicep. His forearm was huge on that side. He seemed to function normally (obviously with decreased capacity), but it looked really weird.

  8. JoCa
    JoCa says:

    coffee really gives me a better caffeine rush than energy drinks but energy drinks have that flavor to it…
    either way i like me a caffeine rush, yes i know i might suffer hypertension,raised heart rates,possible heart attacks etc.
    this is why i watch the amount of caffeine i consume as 400mg is enough, any more then consequences shall be upon the consumer


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