Doctor Reacts To FRIENDS Medical Scenes

Friends was one of my favorite shows growing up, so much so that I can still recite entire scenes line-for-line! I realized there were actually a TON of medical …

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  1. amna nisar
    amna nisar says:

    He's the doctor I will always want to go
    I will feel sooo comfortable…
    Just looking at his face while he put injection …
    Bruhh u r soo adorable gentleman. I LOVE your personality..

  2. Aundria Cooper Premo
    Aundria Cooper Premo says:

    Rachel saying, "I can't," that got to me. I pushed for over 3 1/2 hours after a day in labor and I literally had NOTHING left. They had to do an episiotomy and use forceps to get my sunny-side-up baby delivered. I felt that "I CAN'T" to my soul. For my last cesarean delivery, my husband looked over the drapes and saw my intestines and uterus. LOL… he didn't faint but he DID change color!

  3. Keith Larkins
    Keith Larkins says:

    I'm not sure if you have heard of the comedy series only fools and horses but there is an episode in the seventh series called "Three men, a woman, and a baby"
    Where at the end of the episode there is a child birth scene and it is very funny and also quite heart touching at the same time. High recommend to watch as its a well written comedy series

  4. Bethany McLean
    Bethany McLean says:

    Not a newborn, but I’ve seen them plunk a 20 lb chunkie on the mom after she “delivers.” The baby is all in control of her head trying to figure out where her real mom is. Hilarious!!!

  5. dragon thesenuts
    dragon thesenuts says:

    9:57, uh no, the lasting I want is to make a full recovery but upon being discharged, needing to sell my kidney just to pay for the ambulance ride. If I die on the way to the hospital then its my time but you better believe Id rather take that than go for an ambulance ride

  6. Ariel Kawai
    Ariel Kawai says:

    When I was 3 days old the doctors gave me surgery cuz they thought I might have risk of developing volvulus. They weren't even sure I had the risk. Is that something that doctors do? I'm real curious, the scar is huge. My mother still thinks it was a scam

  7. helloinspiration
    helloinspiration says:

    I have personal experience with the being flooded by residents, lol. I had impetigo as a child, and apparently it was so textbook-perfect they brought all of them in to see my face when I was at the hospital.

  8. Sophie Dydzak
    Sophie Dydzak says:

    omg hahaha so true the comment on rare diseases or conditions. I had a severe allergic reaction to prednisone and everyone came in to see what the reaction looked like since usually you don't get a reaction to prednisone 🤣 Felt like an animal at the zoo 🤣🤣

  9. Ria Mehta
    Ria Mehta says:

    Omg omg, I might pass, you're oh my god damn cute when controlling the laughter😂❤️. I don't know what I love more friends or you.(that's like the highest level of love😳🌝)

  10. Garry Clark
    Garry Clark says:

    Re fainting: I have 4 kids. First two were C-sections (which I witnessed), and the other two were vaginal deliveries (actually caught by me). At no time in any of the four births did I become faint. They were awesome, and my wife and I cried with joy.

  11. Manandi Herath
    Manandi Herath says:

    I am a fan of FRIENDS & I was a bit depressed and demotivated cuz I failed in My first attempt to get in to the medical school though I worked so hard…….This video made me laugh and relaxed.
    Now I am studying again for the exam…..

    Thanks a lot Dr.mike………..You cheered me up !!!!!
    I really wanna be a Doctor………………..I ll do my best this time.


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