Doctor Reacts To Hilarious Mr. Bean Medical Scenes

Mr. Bean was one of my favorite shows growing up, and I remember there being some medical moments along the way, so today I dove back into the work of …

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  1. Daniel Hays
    Daniel Hays says:

    In the movie Across the Universe, there's a scene where the main characters are talking about ideas to get out of the Vietnam draft for medical reasons (it's a musical involving The Beatles songs that takes place during the 1960s). Those ideas included eating a ton of beats so it looks like they're urinating blood, poking their arm with a needle a few times to give the appearance of heroin use, and swallowing cotton balls to make it look like they have a spot on the lungs when x-rayed. Is there any medical accuracy to these ideas? Know about any other tricks draft dodgers might have used?


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