Doctor Reacts To Hilarious South Park Medical Scenes

Last year I reacted to medical scenes from The Simpsons. One of you suggested I should reacted to South Park medical scenes, and I challenged you to get that …

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  1. AethernalVoid
    AethernalVoid says:

    The fact you gotta THINK about "can they afford the medication" as a DOCTOR is so nasty. Imagine cutting meds down because you can't buy it, or having to switch to pill form/liquid form, whatever form, cause one isn't covered by insurance.

  2. MusingsOfApathy
    MusingsOfApathy says:

    Doc… I don't know about general anesthesia, but the times I have received local anesthesia it has taken twice what the doctor says a normal (non ginger) require. And most of the time I have had to just put up with the pain because even then I am still feeling everything.


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