Doctor Reacts To Home Alone Injuries

It’s the holiday season so I wanted to react to some of my favorite Christmas movies, Home Alone 1 and 2. I saw DistractifyYT brought on several doctors to react …

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  1. Stelgim
    Stelgim says:

    Didn't know that about burns, I remember being told to put my hand under cold water immediately. I guess that was not good then? Luckily I've not had that great of burns, only spilled food oils etc.

  2. 「 Cloude 」
    「 Cloude 」 says:

    Hey Doctor Mike can you react to Henry Danger next! Henry Danger is a comedy show started in 2014 it's where a guy named Ray became indestructible because of a machine built by his father AND since it was bring your son to work day he soon hires a 13 year old Henry Hart to be his sidekick and Ray is in his late 40's being 45 or 48 also sorry for spoilers i love the show


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