Doctor Reacts To Memes That Are Actually Funny

I know I promised to upload a video today discussing the complicated issue of reopening schools this fall amidst COVID-19. Balancing children’s and faculty’s …

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  1. Catherine_ Yan Yi
    Catherine_ Yan Yi says:

    5:03 I remembered once I got dengue and I was admitted to the hospital, then the doctor told me I will need a blood test or something (I forgot what is that) every six hours, which is better than my "room mate" who took his blood test every 4 hours.

    It was really cold in the ward and I only got to sleep somewhere at 12 midnight , and then, 5 mins later I was awakened by the nurse for blood test, and I am like:

    "Can't you just do it tomorrow, I just started to fell asleep 5 minutes ago, and u woke me up".

    And this situation repeated for 5 days…

  2. Anna Davies
    Anna Davies says:

    me: adenosine triphosphate is the universal energy currency.
    my dad: shut the fuck up
    me: i try my best to study for your approval and you don’t even care. why do u try ? !!!!!

  3. Oddballkane
    Oddballkane says:

    Yes those plague masks are real. It was because they believed the plague was spread by air or smell. So they had a place to his strong smelling things under there nose. First aromatherapy and thousands die.

  4. Michael Machado
    Michael Machado says:

    Dr mike explaining about the sun changing the appearance of my skin is that why I have a sorta tan now and when I was a preschooler and I was white as hell wtf sun Edit: okay near 3:22 why did doctor mike say the UV rays are still banging I'm now picturing them banging what wrong with me😐


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