Doctor Reacts To MrBeast Being Buried Alive #shorts

MrBeast completed an incredible feat, one that I could never achieve. Being buried alive for 50 hours in a real coffin! I wanted to chime in quickly on what the …

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  1. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones says:

    Even if the smoke was to get through the ventilation system and make it into the coffin there still an exhaust where the air goes out its constantly circulating so even if any of it did get in it would go right out the smell of the smoke is nothing you would have to breathe direct smoke

    This dude's just a little overdramatic with that part especially

  2. Kiroro Ch.
    Kiroro Ch. says:

    I actually got upset thinking Mr. Beast could die. OUR Jimmy dude,I've been a fan of him since mid 2016 and thinking he could die there is just upsetting to me


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