Doctor Reacts to NUTTIEST Medical Memes #12

*CLARIFICATION: Active ingredients in Adderall are actually derivatives of methamphetamine known as Amphetamine & Dextroamphetamine. The prescription …

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  1. A B
    A B says:

    I tell you what, I took Adderall when I was a kid and all it ever did was make me more prone to wetting the bed. The reason was Adderall makes you sleep heavier so you become less likely to wake up when you need to go to the bathroom

  2. Isa C.
    Isa C. says:

    I’m Brazilian, once I drink coffee in NY (actually a try 3x). Tasted like dirty water. That’s why Americans drink so much coffe. It’s all water and sugar.

  3. Ahmad Elsayed
    Ahmad Elsayed says:

    Adderall is not methamphetamine, you're a doctor you should know this! It's a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Meth is not the same. I'll give you a pass because you aren't a psychiatrist but do more research lol

  4. Zero Radius
    Zero Radius says:

    Speaking of uppers bringing ADHD kids down, when I was younger (I had ADHD but outgrew / learned strategies to mitigate) My mom would never let me have sugar and then she wanted me to be energized for a football game and let me have some surge (a soda) before the game and it put me to sleep …. That is how we learned that sugar calmed me down (>.<)

  5. Tiber Septim
    Tiber Septim says:

    I can't wait for someone to recognise him on the street and instead of saying "oh you're that hot doctor" or "hey you're that guy that spreads tons of health information" they just say "hey you're Bear's dad!!"

  6. Megan McCormick
    Megan McCormick says:

    i use adderall currently for my adhd, its amphetamine but not METHamphetamine. its very unaddictive for me. i dont crave it nore do i even wish to to take it sometimes. thats how it act with people with adhd. when i take it i just sit in my room and play video games but FOCUSED. It helps me actually DO things instead of just think about doing them.


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