Doctor Reacts To Scrubs QUARANTINE Episode | Medical Drama Review

Four months into quarantine and I’ve been watching a LOT of medical shows. Most of them have actually done an episode surrounding how their hospital …

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  1. anairo5341
    anairo5341 says:

    I mean, this show is less about medicine and more about aspects of the human Life. In particular, JD is our Herald. Here the focus is about him wanting to impress the girl so much he fakes situations where he can play the cool guy part, but the truth is that the girl Just wants a genuine Person She can trust. I'm sure at the end of the Ep there Is the familiar inner monologue about the importance of not overdoing some things Just to impress someone. To process all of this, accurate procedures become a hindrance 😝

  2. Phoenix Soren
    Phoenix Soren says:

    My mom is a travel nurse and every er she has worked at, she's brought 2 liters of Coca-Cola and bags of potato chips every shift. She can definitely attest to the love that medical staff has for junk food.

  3. Z Z
    Z Z says:

    I have a CPR question. Last The Resident episode I saw, the doctor banged a patient's chest when she coded and the rhythm came back. Do you suggest doing this? It's like a solid punch where the heart is located. I think they did this on Greys… The Good Doctor… thoughts?

  4. jonne riekkinen
    jonne riekkinen says:

    Hi I actually have a question for you. Not sure if i can describe this properly, cause my first language is not english. BUT, i´ve been going to the gym for 7 years now. And only recently (like the past 3 months) I´ve had this thing going on, that i get these dark red marks on each side of my forehead. (basically my whole forehead goes red, or both sides of my forehead) And it stays there for about 36 hours. Probably has something to do with the pressure, when you inhale, and then push a heavy load. And then it disrupts some bloodvessels (not sure if that is correct way to say it?). Doesnt happen with lighter loads, when you breathe normally doing it. Is this something that i should be worried about? Cause like i said, this has never happened to me before, eventhough i´ve been going to the gym for 7 years now! Dont do any drugs, or steroids or anything!

  5. abraham kim
    abraham kim says:

    Why did they assume it was sars? When sars was ripping through asia and Canada? Are you serious? When the patient showed symptoms of of it? God forbid they took precautions in a intensive care unit where patients are more susceptible to it, including health care workers to combat it. I assume you won’t ever make a chief or director.

  6. Jarl Wote
    Jarl Wote says:

    Scrubs and dr House are only medical shows I watch and they are great but so are these reactions. Your reactions to medical shows are better than the actual shows 😄

  7. Diego Beltran
    Diego Beltran says:

    There's an absolutely spectacular episode where Dr. Cox losses a patient and his reaction was just…..

    It felt like what a doctor might do in the privacy of a moment just to release that frustration.

  8. Eva Redondo
    Eva Redondo says:

    The funny thing about JD's outfit is on this epi when he gets down to the red T-shirt Elliot says, "That guy is getting a phone number with 6 digits!"
    Scrubs seasons 3 to 7 were EPIC.

  9. Emmanuel Eytan
    Emmanuel Eytan says:

    I love Doctor Mike, but he just doesn't seem to get Scrubs. He doesn't get that the way we see the lockdown is not literal. The chest compressions are not real, they're just supposed to impress JD's date. Scrubs is mostly allegorical in its depictions. But often, what they talk about is surprisingly accurate. (At least it seems so to me.) The main thing that always gets me in Scrubs is that there are no miracles in Scrubs: when people have a deadly disease, they die. When people have a big head trauma, they never get better. If I remember correctly, Private Dancer tries to kill himself because of his brain injury prevents him from returning to the army. Things are spend up, because it's TV, but there is never a divine intervention. And again, things are not literal.


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