Doctor Reacts To Seinfeld Medical Scenes

A while back I reacted to the medical scenes from Friends, so today I’m reacting to my other favorite sitcom from the 90’s, Seinfeld. Jerry, Elaine, George, and …

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  1. Abi Mcleod
    Abi Mcleod says:

    Hey Mike, I have a question, is it normal for the left upper side of the back as well as the middle to have mild to severe pain at random? This has been happening to me for years and I only just realized that it might not be normal.

  2. Peri
    Peri says:

    I am a couple years away from 70. When I attended college way back when I worked part time in a pediatrician’s office. I would have access to the chart to file lab results in it. His clients were a lot of Hollywood people. He would write whatever he wanted to vent in the charts. Once I read, Very nice kid but mother is a bitch. He loved Natalie Wood though as she would bring in the kids himself and other stars had the nannies bring in the kids. He was in his 60’s then and old school.

  3. John Crocker
    John Crocker says:

    I said this in another video of yours and I know you have to give the warning but "Don't google it". You know people are gonna do that.
    If you're high up, you don't tell someone to focus on what's ahead. You say "Don't look down" and what do they do. They look down!

  4. Bryan Kerbow
    Bryan Kerbow says:

    Dr. Mike…. Thanks for ruining hot tubs for me! LMAO! I'm 40 with chronic back and knee pain and I found that hot tubs help me a lot with the pain. I don't like taking pills so I use methods such as hot tubs and hot showers to ease pain. You managed to ruin both for me. Now I am worried that my hair is going to dry out and fall out and that if I get in another hot tub I am going to get an infection.

  5. Ian Smith
    Ian Smith says:

    Dr. Mike's electronic health records password protection: his brother's niece's other uncle's nephew (Patrick III) has a sister who has a pet cat that was born in the same litter as Dr. Mayim Chaya Bialik's cat who's first owner ran a local small-town family run hotel. The password was written more than once in this post.

  6. JJ P
    JJ P says:

    I'd like to be a guinea pig patient since 9 drs couldn't dx me by my symptoms and I almost died. ALL drs. should know the symptoms of hyperthyroidism,graves disease,thyrotoxicosis and thyroid storm. But it took 3 yrs and many inpatient stays before 1 dr. did the right bw.


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