Doctor Reacts To WILD BuzzFeed Medical Videos

Over the years the team at Buzzfeed has dipped their toes into the world of creating some medical videos. I have actually appeared in some of them, but today I …

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  1. C_lovesroses
    C_lovesroses says:

    I- Sleeping with socks is something I don't do (unless I'm too tired or I forget to take my socks off-) but WET SOCKS. I take off my wet socks before entering my house-

  2. Rosalie Nadia Vonk
    Rosalie Nadia Vonk says:

    I just didn’t get it why they sell bags with powdered ‘tea’ with a lemon taste, just to give you a vitamin c ‘boost’ when you’re ill. A lemon is waayyyy cheaper and adding in other fruits vitamin c rich foods in you diet and adding honey to your actual lemon tea will do much more for you.

  3. March_
    March_ says:

    I just realized he's Russian, does he have an accent? Cause my mom 100% has a Russian accent when she's speaking English but when i speak English i dont sound Russian and most of my English friends are surprised I'm Russian bc I dont have an accent. So I think its just while your growing up? You have to speak English in america a lot sometimes idk how it is in different states.
    I also like fish idk why I needed to say this I just like fish a lot 😏

  4. Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose says:

    I’ve also never pulled an all-nighter. It just doesn’t work, ever. Plus science shows us staying up all night studying will get you a worse grade than studying a little than sleeping.

  5. Avian Kneecaps
    Avian Kneecaps says:

    I had NO IDEA English wasn't his first language! he has such an american accent. Also as a vet student I find some of these videos too relatable. it's interesting how veterinary science helps me understand human anatomy as well.


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