Doctor Reacts to WILD Medical Tweets

I’ve burnt myself out fact-checking dangerous Facebook and Instagram health posts lately, so today I headed to twitter to have a laugh and check out the funniest …

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  1. T S
    T S says:

    Haaaaaaa! As a nursing student in a 3 year accelerated BSN…I've actually told men that we may talk about dating only after I graduate in about 2 years. Oh lol! Brutal but not as Brutal as a Dr residency hopefully. I start clinicals in a few months and I'm told those are extremely long days…😬😬😬😬

  2. Aimee D'Mooij
    Aimee D'Mooij says:

    About the organ donor thing. I am an organ donor, and I tried to convince my family to become one too. But they always have lame excuses like: "My organs are bad I would never wanna put that curse on anybody else" or "You are still partly alive and can feel it when they take your organs"

  3. Ellielae
    Ellielae says:

    Architecture student here: Hospitals are incredibly echoey because the materials that hospitals use that are easy to spot fluids (aka tile floors, plain flat walls) and even the square/slight rectangular shape of patient rooms provide the ideal situation for sound waves to bounce around the room uncontrollably. This is why theaters are normally elongated and have side walls that slant backwards toward the audience. That way, the sound waves are pushed toward those who want to hear it c:

  4. Daniel Pedigo
    Daniel Pedigo says:

    If I'm honest, I quite often lose focus when watching your meme reviews or tweet reviews. There's something about your voice that makes it calming and I tend to do household chores or paperwork whil listening to your reviews and I love it 😄.

  5. Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard says:

    I forget what it was for my grandma but we spent years arguing with the doctors that for my grandma her “fever temperature“ is like two points below everybody else. We kept telling them to check her normal numbers if they didn’t believe us and she was always lower than the standard sometimes we would win the argument sometimes we wouldn’t.

  6. Kaitlyn Rennie
    Kaitlyn Rennie says:

    I was learning about the genitourinary system, and needless to say i was flirting with my boyfriend and i randomly start talking about how sperm formation occurs within the testes .
    I literally took, the sexy out of sexy time; because i was dropping straight up facts lol 🤣
    Medical terminology is fun… 😅

  7. Howdy
    Howdy says:

    Acoustics expert here! Hospitals are extra "echoey" because they are usually made of highly reflective surfaces, which makes sense because they are much easier to clean. Hospitals also tend to have a lot of long hallways and parallel walls, which amplifies sound.

  8. Isabell G
    Isabell G says:

    Poop jokes works well when your family is a bunch of different kind of doctors, and nurses. Our top subjects when my mom leaves the room, is jokes about shit, teeths, blood and how many people you met a day who breaks the hip by doing almost nothing.

  9. Acheron Alexander
    Acheron Alexander says:

    As a vet student the vomit in the other table one got me. On some days when candidate exams are happening we get kids and their parents in our canteen. And man it's so fun how they leave 2 seconds later. We sitting there in scrubs smelling like a barn talking about that latest surgery or a hard birth and they standing behind you in line. The horror on their faces. I one walked in after reproduction to grab food on the go. My pants were covered in blood and fluids. The horror in their eyes

  10. Nicole L
    Nicole L says:

    Doctor Mike I just want you to know that you're probably one in a million. I have never been to a doctor that didn't express some sort of judgment when I was being honest about something. Whether it be vocal or little things like scrunching up there knows we're squinting their eyes. Crazy.

  11. MizuShinobi303
    MizuShinobi303 says:

    Sorry I’m sure this is coming super late and someone has probably answered this but hospitals are echoey because smooth flat surfaces are easier to keep clean. The more surfaces you have more germs.

    Sound reflects off smooth surfaces better than rough surfaces. So the more stuff or tougher your surfaces are in a space the more echo you get. Think of an apartment with no stuff in it and how echoey it is vs when you fill it with your stuff.

  12. Devin Hemmings
    Devin Hemmings says:

    4:33 when I sprained my ankle, the nurse kept insisting on me stepping onto the scale and I couldn’t stand up or anything so my mom and I were trying to explain to the nurse that I couldn’t stand up without falling over. Even though I didn’t step onto the scale the nurse lowkey made a big deal out of it. :/

  13. Moo 2310
    Moo 2310 says:

    Why places like hospitals and bathrooms are extra echoey:
    The material they make the floors, walls and ceilings out of are less porous so that they don't absorb stuff like blood or trap germs as well. Porous things would absorb some of the sound, but since the material has little to no pores the sound waves bounce off and are louder and echo more than if some had been absorbed.

  14. Brandon K
    Brandon K says:

    Someone I know actually fired their dr because they went in because they're depressed and he focused on whether or not he was pre-diabetic. Ignored the issue he came in for completely

  15. hisxmark
    hisxmark says:

    I read once, (I think it was the book "Century of the Surgeon".) of a fellow in Holland who, in desperation, removed his own bladder stone. If you have never had a stone, you will understand why.


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