Doctor Tries Disgusting Science Experiment Kit | Doctor Mike

It seems you really enjoyed when I have my nephews in my videos so since Ari was staying with me for a bit I decided to unbox one of the science games I …

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  1. Marianojoey
    Marianojoey says:

    @Dr.Mike: It was really fun, but the reason your experiments didn't work as intended (specially the bloody one) is because you didn't use the spoon correctly. It was a tablespoon, just the size of a teaspoon (see that it holds more volume). There is a simple way to check that, just pick a measure with the provided spoon and drop it on a common tablespoon and you'll see it fits, while if you drop it on a common teaspoon, it will fall all over (I recommend doing it over a recipient so you don't waste whatever you try it with). 😀


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