Doctor vs Supermarket: Guess The Chef

I invited my friends Pam and Cody over to see if they could tell the difference between the food I cooked MYSELF, or food I bought from the supermarket. They’re …

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  1. C Az
    C Az says:

    Does anyone else think that if Dr Mike’s love making skills is as good as he’s cooking, I think he will be in trouble.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Gavin Wirth
    Gavin Wirth says:

    You really really should never feed dogs or cats rasins. They are super poisonous to them and unlike chocolate animals do NOT need to eat them chronically for it to be a big problem. When my small dog ate like one rasin my parents (who are vets) induced vomiting because even very few could kill a small dog.

  3. Aamna Saleem
    Aamna Saleem says:

    LOL! Dr. Mike, I get why you don't cook, you threw most of the ingredients on the floor 🤦‍♀️ hilarious! You should do more cooking videos! I'd love to see you cooking south asian food 😂

  4. Amysnewlife
    Amysnewlife says:

    Oh honey, you're so smart but you can't cook. That kitchen mess gave me serious anxiety. I need chest compressions!! And I love you. Don't worry, I'll cook for the four of us! 😎


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