Doctors On the Front Lines Speak Out

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  1. Angie
    Angie says:

    Why is the American government asking nurses and doctors to go out on the front lines of this covid-19 war without proper protection? Why are they asking these people to do their dirty work, knowing that there is a high possibility that they can get infected or die? No one seems to be remembering that doctors and nurses have feelings, families and futures as well !
    The government is not doing their part, but they are calling on health care workers to be the lab rats in their economic experiments !

  2. Princessa Lucia
    Princessa Lucia says:

    I realize that infectious disease specialists are very busy, but I am very disgusted with Dr Oz giving updates. He's a cardiologist and as someone who worked for an infectious disease department of a large hospital, I would love to hear a specialist update.

  3. 54321Judith
    54321Judith says:

    Dr. Oz, would it help to incinerate every bit of garbage that is created at the hospitals? Should we all be incinerating our garbage? If it is taken to land fill, will it not just spread The virus?

  4. Mike Joe
    Mike Joe says:

    Dr Oz your giving people mix emotions on this virus and the reports from the media. your saying that reports by the media are over dramatic and exaggerated now your interviewing this Dr thats speaking gloom and doom , whats up Dr Oz, whats up !!

  5. BBRebozo
    BBRebozo says:

    Seheult at medcram has been discussing thermotherapy as a possible prophylactic or treatment for the early stage of Covid-19 (even before fever or anosmia). This is something people can do for themselves at home (hot bath, cold shower). It was popular before Fauci was born.

  6. Flatbed hauling with scott N
    Flatbed hauling with scott N says:

    What a fake Dr oz is!. He’s no better than the big pharm he claims to be against!. He’s making money off the very people he claims to care about!. He’s worse in my book. At least you no where you stand with the big pharm companies. Dr oz is a disgrace to the medical field!!.

  7. BBRebozo
    BBRebozo says:

    The problem is doctors are treating this disease too late. Patients have to wait too long for diagnostic results and even then, if you don’t have respiratory symptoms, they just tell you go home…wait for respiratory symptoms and then we’ll treat you. The French group repeated today that this is too late for plaquenil and azithromycin. The treatment works best in early COVID-19. The Abbott IDnow test will potentially speed up diagnostics, but will the doctors start treating asymptomatic patients to prevent future severe COVID-19?

  8. CL
    CL says:

    When the USNS Comfort came to NYC, the government of NYC and police let people gather a big crowds and the TV channel even says "NYC gives big welcome to USNS Comfort… "
    Because of those stupid, selfish people that's why NY is hot spot CCP Virus in USA.
    There is no way that NY can contain this spreading. They talked about "Flatten the Curve" is just a joke when they don't know what to do to control their people.

  9. Concerned Asian
    Concerned Asian says:

    Home remedies does work for COVID-19 . Simple act of Gaggle with salt water can kill the virous in their throat. Drink hot water freqently. Drink green tea.tumeric and ginger can boost your immunity. Eat lot of spicy foods like Asians. Use hot water to vaporize your forehead and face if you have nazal congestion.

  10. Concerned Asian
    Concerned Asian says:

    Dear Dr.OZ Please please speed up clinical trail of HC and Z-PAC combination . The world is looking at that. Countries in Asia India and Srilanka imposed a curfew which made millions of people starving on daily basis.

  11. Della Reese
    Della Reese says:

    Please someone tell me why if we are the riches nation in the world why dont we have the basic protections such as Gloves and Mask. I always felt stupidly, that we had these things in massive quantity in stockpile all over this country. I thought this was the case when China had the Sars outbreak years ago and i was saying that could never happen here because i thought our government at least had those 2 essential items stockpiled to the heavens. Now the countries that hate us know how weak we really are and will probably be using other types of viruses to kill all of us in America, or at least bring our economy to a stop like whats happen now. I think this will be the new form of warfare against us from now on. We better as a nation open our eyes and start demanding that these politician stop all the partisan shi$, and put the COUNTRY FIRST because this virus now and the next one will not care.

  12. Sk Krish
    Sk Krish says:

    Dr. Oz, thank you for focusing on solutions not fear.
    Hydroxychloroquine should be provided to our healthcare personnel to give them some level of protection.. Other countries are doing this.

    Why are we not doing this for our doctors and nurses and healthcare workers? No drug is perfect, all current pharma drugs have side effects.. Let's not allow ' policy makers' play with lives. Please keep up the fight.

  13. I Violanti
    I Violanti says:

    Dr Oz my husband is a police officer, and as many, risk of being exposed, they do not have enough protective gear. He is 55 years I worry enough about his safety, but the added stress of him contracting the virus, I decided to be proactive so I contacted our doctor office. We know to quarantine, and hopefully ride it out. But , if symptoms worsened and would need to be hospitalized I asked if he could be given the hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin + zinc therapy. I was told , no they will not and probably won't anytime soon. I can tell you that did not help:{ What would we do if this is what we run up against? Thank you for your videos and information PS We are not the panic type of people, just planning ahead.

  14. maskbear54
    maskbear54 says:

    what about the hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic for health care workers or employees of hospitals so they don't get the virus and bring it home to their families and into their neighborhoods. I keep hearing so much about this and nothing seems to be getting done about it.

  15. Marcus Duff
    Marcus Duff says:

    Stop wasting time and give everyone the med combo that has been proven to work all over the world. No more "studies" are needed it's been around for 80 fucking years! What's left to study? You would take it without thinking twice so why can't we?!

  16. seranadesongs
    seranadesongs says:

    Why don't they start giving the hydroxychloraquine and the z pack to doctors, nurses, and first responders as a safety measure to keep them safe and healthy so they are able to continue their work to protect all of us?


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