Doctors React To Markiplier’s Health Emergency

Markiplier is an enormously popular YouTuber, gamer, comedian, and frequent resident of hospitals. Mark has suffered a couple of bowel obstructions over the …

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  1. Zombie Girl 92
    Zombie Girl 92 says:

    5:57 my nurses forgot to record my bowel movements, so my doctor came into the room, and he says, "Well, we can't do the surgery unless you're having bowel movements, and the laxatives don't seem to be working, so I'm going to have to use a suppository."
    I was so quick to respond, "no,no,no,no! I've pooped!" Lmfao my dad was cracking up.
    The surgery was life saving, so I had to have it, but man I was so scared that I'd have to get a suppository!

  2. T'Looola Indigo
    T'Looola Indigo says:

    I have barely been able to eat more than maybe a tiny little bit for the last almost two months and everytime I do I get extremely bloated and sick… Should i try to see a doctor? Haven't seen one in so long because I am homeless but my health has been going downhill. First time I've lost weight this fast in my entire life

  3. I am a girl
    I am a girl says:

    The internet blew up over mark taking a poop. if someone said this would happen before 2020, I would have called them crazy and laughed at them. Now I'll believe everything.

  4. The Amazing Knight
    The Amazing Knight says:

    Imagine shoving a cotton swab up your nose and leaving it there for a few days. That is that the ng-tube feels like. It also makes you gag and they won't let you drink so your mouth becomes all dry and crusty. Strangely mine didn't get taped. That would have been nice as it could have held it were it touched my nose walls less. Also a great time to discover you are allergic to the medical bandages when there is a pick line in you.
    Edit: if you think that you have seen a gross barf you have seen nothing. The poop comes out of the mouth. Also you do feel bloated. This all while my blood is septic due to staff and I have Pneumonia so bad I am hooked up to a Bpap and they almost had to put me into a coma and shove a tube into my lungs. It is the closest anyone has come in my family to dying. My muscles atrophied so I could not walk and it took quite the while to get my strength back.

  5. inuyashaandnina
    inuyashaandnina says:

    How can I get you to review my medical issue im having? 3 years, multiple docs, 10+ cts with and without contrast, a chest xray, 2 ultrasounds, multiple ER visits that end me in the hospital for a few days each time, a colonoscopy, and finally, a capsule endoscopy. I need help.

    It isbt getting better and no one has any ideas. Please help me.

  6. Dansk Lov
    Dansk Lov says:

    In 2007 I was hospitalized for a week due to a stomach ulcer that had made a hole through my stomach. They put the nasal tube in, had me on an IV drip, and auto-morphine injector. Taking the tube out through the nose was the most odd sensation I've ever felt. Luckily I didn't need surgery, but I have a sense of how this guy feels.

  7. ashlyn gwyn
    ashlyn gwyn says:

    Doctors aren’t in the only one who celebrate poop as a CNA i’ve been so happy when one of my clients or residence had to be hm as a pet owner whenever they poop outside and not on my carpet I am extremely happy and as mom mom to an hour eight month old Who has been constipated to the point of needing laxatives three times when he finally poops I am excited it’s Pooh tastic


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