Doctor's Reaction to: "Nurses Play Cards" | Wednesday Checkup

A lot of angry posts and article have been shared on this topic and I wanted to chime in to give some context. Some of the outrage is warranted and some of it is …

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  1. brenda bennett
    brenda bennett says:

    I work in a critical access hospital. We have limited staffing so regardless of how many patients we have or how high the acuity is, we don't get extra staff to support that. Many a day I have not had a break, or I ate by the mouthful as I ran by the break room and at times haven't had lunch at all. Any nursing staffing improvements should apply to all nurses.

  2. Melissa Lucero
    Melissa Lucero says:

    I just want to thank you for sharing the full context because it makes a really big difference. I believe that sadly the media edits for the most sensational possible bits and pieces and it's rarely about the truth.

  3. michelle Mcknight
    michelle Mcknight says:

    This mentality is so common nowadays! Everyone takes everything for face value but fail to do minor research and gain a full understanding… seen so much in politics nowadays- I don't even bother reading the news anymore…

  4. junior demus
    junior demus says:

    Let's just talk the truth Mike, we are not your nurses. Nurses are just that, nurses, professionals on their own premise. Your senator truthfully wouldn't have apologised if she didn't feel that she may have been a first class jerk. Just like you are being for defending her. Let the chips fall where they may.

  5. andrew koharchik
    andrew koharchik says:

    I want to say I do believe nurses do need better working conditions , adequate staffing no matter where they work. I appreciate the hard work they do. I was in nursing school and I did see nurses playing cards, my teacher and classmates regularly slept , and play games on their phones , when they should have been working. I had a patient who almost died , because my teacher was to tired and to busy sleeping and playing on her to supervise me while I gave this poor man his asthma medications .I ended up in court over that everybody else ran and hid.

  6. Monie  Flook
    Monie Flook says:

    I dedicated 30 years to this Nations Veterans. Breaks? Non existent. Lunch? Unheard of. Bathroom? Don't even think about it. Think about this the next time you hit that hospital bed button. Please be patient. Would I do it again? Absolutely. A detoxing drunk ended my career by head butting me in the face. 4 years later & I'm still having reconstructive surgeries…

  7. HailMe
    HailMe says:

    When the media puts out a damaging story it doesn’t matter if they double back and fix their words. That doesn’t get views and the damage has been done.

  8. Shannon Mayer
    Shannon Mayer says:

    I understand what she means, but she worded it terribly. That's why you're right, we need to be careful to understand what someone means before we assume anything, but we need to be careful about the what we say, as well. I mean, she worded that very poorly

  9. Chelsea Hertzog
    Chelsea Hertzog says:

    Coming from a chronically critical care patient who spends months each year in patient at a world renowned hospital, I see the incredible value of nurses, often daily. I’d love to hear your opinions on the 8-hr vs 12-hr shift debate. I have my own opinions based on my own experiences but I’d like to hear the opinion of someone on the other side (obviously still valuing both patient care and nurse rights but from the side of giving the care rather than receiving). Thanks, Dr. Mike!

  10. Bash Monkey
    Bash Monkey says:

    I see all these celebrities and news outlets jumping on the hate bandwagon whenever they can and not seeking the truth of the matter. It is like a breath of fresh air to see someone with critical thinking skills who is not an idiot that just assumes things. Thank you Doctor Mike (seriously) for not being an idiot.

  11. Katie McAlister
    Katie McAlister says:

    I love that you have pillows of your dogs. LOL I live in Omaha, Nebraska, but if I lived in New York or New Jersey, you would be my family doctor or my primary care doctor. I love your channel. I actually had a really weird doctor visit dream a few days ago because I've been watching your videos so much.

  12. SM B1128
    SM B1128 says:

    What about the context is right. If she thinks that nurses at critical assess hospitals already get enough breaks because they are slow; then what harm would it be mandating breaks for everyone? According to her they are already going to be taking them anyway because they are so slow. So how would it hurt the hospital's finances to mandate something that's already happening naturally to begin with? I'm just not following the Senator's logic.

  13. Regina Dickson
    Regina Dickson says:

    My daughter is a Critical Care Nurse as a Major in the Air Force and she does amazing things for people. I understand WHY she said what she said BUT a woman in her position should have had a better handle on WHAT she said and HOW she said it. My daughter has already done 2 tours one in Turkey one in Afghanistan and the rest in Travis CA. So I have seen nurses save lives over and over and context helps but she SHOULD have said Nurses in Critical Care Rural Hospitals etc. THEN she couldn’t have been mischaracterized by what she said. Ok rant over. Peace, Doc!!

  14. Karsen Tanzen
    Karsen Tanzen says:

    Dr Mike. I really appreciate you having a good head on your shoulders to look at the full story of the situation. I think a lot of hate on social media comes from people who are too ignorant and stupid to look into the full scope as opposed to just hearing that one out of context soundbite, like you said. Thank you for being a good example and I hope other people will follow your example of giving the benefit of the doubt and investigating the whole story instead of the blinders view. How can we get more people to think like this?

  15. Samantha Dirckx
    Samantha Dirckx says:

    I'm an RNA I don't know how many times I've been on break and I hear that page come over my radio. I've dropped whatever I'm doing to get to my resident. Nurses and RNA along with everyone else who works in the medical field do not get the recognition they deserve.


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