Does Your Mind Do This Too? | 10 Toxic Thought Patterns

I’ve officially started therapy. That’s not easy to admit, which is why I want to continue working to de-stigmatize mental health care. Treating our minds is just as …

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  1. Mikael Marie
    Mikael Marie says:

    Hey Dr Mike, as you know, there is a massive difference in terms of Healthcare cost between US and UK. I think it would be an interesting, and revealing video to make. Maybe you made one already?

  2. Ru
    Ru says:

    Hey doc, don't know if you changed your editor recently , but this video was very "busy". Probably it's just me but it was very difficult to focus on the information you were providing with all the fast action on the screen..

  3. TJ543345
    TJ543345 says:

    Love the video, but the Bill Gates example isn’t really true 😂 he was a mathematical genius at Harvard who chose to drop out to start Microsoft. Otherwise, he would’ve graduated with the highest honors with ease

  4. Sanj
    Sanj says:

    This video couldn't have come at a better time, thank you for posting this. Normalizing this discuss, somewhat makes me feel better and gives me strength. Thank you Doc!

  5. starfishgurl1984
    starfishgurl1984 says:

    Yesss, this, 1,000%! As someone with anxiety who’s been fighting the negative voice in my head telling me I’m worthless my entire life I’m so glad you shared this! Because of my (then undiagnosed learning disability, but now known) sensory and auditory processing disorders I struggled so badly in high school that I was at risk of flunking out and didn’t see my own worth in life or any hope for my future that I was borderline depressive. Thankfully a change in high schools completely changed my outlook and saved my life and introduced yoga to me which had a tremendous effect on my anxiety and I’ll be forever grateful for that! It’s ironic that I’m the most positive person outwardly towards anyone and any situation but don’t nearly give myself that same necessary positivity that I deserve.

  6. Red T
    Red T says:

    9 – Personalization and blame.
    Dr. Mike, how do you, as a healthcare provider, avoid this thinking trap when what you do has such a significant impact on your patients? Obviously you can't determine how they live their lives, or whether they follow your advice, but providers literally have a large effect on whether people live or die! So when something happens to one of your patients, and you couldn't do anything to stop it, how do you keep yourself from feeling guilty about all the "should've"s and whatnot?

    I welcome answers from anyone who directly affects the lives and well-being of others in this fashion.

  7. Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard says:

    You’re as close to an angel 😇 as humanly possible, Mishechka. You’re an inspiration to so many people and so many others look up to you for who you Are and what you Do. We all get stuck sometimes, and I’m proud of you for getting help. We humans are so powerful when we realize our full potential. Just keep doing what you think is right and remember, “we’re all made of star stuff.” ☀️ Carl Sagan.

  8. Ms Maybe
    Ms Maybe says:

    I think very weird. When I told my dad how I thought, the way I process conversations or life, I could tell he was concerned by his face. I realized then that I don’t think the same way that others do. I think I may need to go to therapy, but the last time I did, my therapist demanded I join a group therapy session on top of my private session and I was like “yo I’m barley able to talk to you, a professional, no way can I talk about this to strangers.”

  9. Lot Van der Velde
    Lot Van der Velde says:

    Thank you for this video! It helped me analyze my thoughts.Turns out, I recognize most types you discussed. I often hear that I am a huuuuge perfectionist, and that it gets in the way of life. This video is one of the reasons I also decided to start therapy. See this as a positive comment Mike!

  10. pratiksha Deka.
    pratiksha Deka. says:

    Some of these conditions seem so normal until it gets worse to a point where it affects us real bad. In this world of no time for ourselves we have become a bit ignorant. Thanks Dr mike for talking about this. It's a big step.

  11. Maryn Cozart
    Maryn Cozart says:

    Love this! The cognitive distortions and learning to reframe the thoughts from these distortions are hard. The evidence-based practice CBT can help change your thoughts and change your life. Stay well.

  12. mrolleri5
    mrolleri5 says:

    You are such a caring person, Today is my 17th day in quarantine because of course COVID-19, (57 yrs) your videos have been a life saver! Not been able to see my own doctor (long story) it makes me happy watch all your videos! And Bear! Love Bear!! I wish you to continue with your amazing videos! And please let me know when you come to Kissimmee, FL again! ❤️🙏

  13. Dorothy Namasaya
    Dorothy Namasaya says:

    It would be great to have more mental health content. You once mentioned CBT in one of your videos and after some research I began doing it myself and I'm having more control over my thoughts.

    Thank you for this video too.

  14. Rosalie Nadia Vonk
    Rosalie Nadia Vonk says:

    I always say to myself; I could make anyone’s day just a little bit better by being kind, patient and helpful. You never know what happened in someone else’s life. Also, a smile comes a long way sometimes, and they are free to give! So do it 😊.


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