Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or Grounding

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/29/james-oschman-on-earthing.aspx Internationally renowned natural health physician and …

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  1. Victoria Grahm
    Victoria Grahm says:

    You guys had better get some body guards if this technology is this good. Big Pharma will come after you. How many holistic doctors have been MURDERED or ended up dead w very strange circumstances ??? Globalist don't want people healthy and off their meds and off their cancer treaments…I just ordered my Earthing pads..Excited for me and my son to get them….I

  2. Paul Dominic
    Paul Dominic says:

    Dr. Oschman and Dr. Mercola, thank you for explaining more fully about the different ways of grounding (bed sheets vs. patches- benefits of each, etc. Very, very informative. You discussed other info. I have not heard, and I've been researching 'earthing' a lot lately.

  3. Glen D Hocking
    Glen D Hocking says:

    Just starting to learn about this. Was wondering what the effects of water are on the earthing phenomenon? I feel great after swimming or sticking my feet in the water. Oh! Now you are talking about water effects and hydration, we will be buying the sheets, we live in the desert, we understand the conductivity factors. Hydration is very important for so many reasons.

  4. Cynthia Hawkins
    Cynthia Hawkins says:

    I received, along with my order, a nice sized pamphlet about Earthing, which I read from cover to cover. And on the back is information about the film, "GROUNDED", which I will definitely look for! I am now lending my second patch kit, etc to a medical colleague. He uses homeopathic and natural remedies as treatment for infertility. He counsels couples trying to conceive. Well, I related several stories of women who, after grounding for a time, seem to stabilize with hormone levels – their periods and thus, ovulation become much more regular. And many are able to become pregnant after years of no success! I am 66: well past being a mommie – but imagine how Earthing could also help women my age going through the roller-coaster turbulence of menopause! 

  5. Cynthia Hawkins
    Cynthia Hawkins says:

    Right..I was a skeptic myself, and for any such "New Age nonsense". Then the worst knee/shin pain I have EVER in my life experienced paid this lady a visit. Not only laid me out flat, but stopped my daily activities. Zip. I could not walk (a big thing – our apartment house has no elevator and we live on the second floor!) Chores, even simple ones – no way. My cool sister Val, a swim teacher, brought me a book on Earthing and a grounding device. I was hurting so bad I was willing to try anything, including 'weird stuff'. She gave me a brief tutorial and lent me her Earthing book. And… it worked. I'm a 'Grounding Newbie' just a little less than a week, but already the difference is remarkable. Pain at this point – only slight discomfort, as opposed to agony when I began. Can take or leave the Ibuprofen. Mobility returned – along with my sense of humor. Feel calm, centered, way less stressed over all. Getting up out of chairs and bed? – no problem. Try it. Grounding is the real deal. Word up, peeps…

  6. deskjockie49
    deskjockie49 says:

    There is a book by an Iranian doctor, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M. D. titled, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water", where he tells how he treated many ailments, including headaches, when he was a political prisoner.  Water was the only thing he had available, so he used what he had.  It is a fascinating read. 

  7. Conrad Mish
    Conrad Mish says:

    Thank you both.  This should part of everyone's education. I can't wait to hear more on current research.  Inflammation+antioxidant. is a great search term in the NCBI website.  It will lead you back to the earthing concepts we are learning here.  All I can say is WOW!

  8. James Carmichael
    James Carmichael says:

    Tarmac and other man made stuff won't work. Concrete is ok, but generally dirt, sand, rock, gravel and soil is best. Grass is competing for the energy so believe it or not grass isn't the best. If its wet grass it might work, but generally not so much. In any case its just good to walk barefoot because your actually using your feet, heels and calves as they were supposed to be used.

  9. Mercola
    Mercola says:

    Wood chips are outstanding mulch that eventually turns to compost to nourish your soil so great move. If the wood chips are wet they should transfer electrons, if they are dry they will likely insulate you. If the tree is still living it will conduct electrons but not once it is cut down.

  10. Laszlo Horvath
    Laszlo Horvath says:

    I have 8 inches of wood chips covering my property on top of the soil. Can I get grounded bare foot walking on it? Or is it still considered an insulator since it's dead wood not a live tree that you could lean up against that is connected to the ground.

  11. Robbert Van den Ende
    Robbert Van den Ende says:

    For about one and a half year i've had panic attacks, hyperventilation, fatique, weightloss, stressrelated health disorder, ect. no-one was able to help me. But now, since i started grounding myself… No more panic attacks! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you <3 <3 <3

  12. Nuala Commane
    Nuala Commane says:

    Great interview. From my years of experience with Energy Healing I have concluded 'Energy follows Thought'. I believe that its our understanding of pain that holds the pain in place. This interview confirms for me, that view.

  13. sistah59
    sistah59 says:

    This need to be on television. Made into a show for PBS (I hope I have the letters right lol) I know Dr. oz has it on but it needs to be discussed in this fashion. I wish I could do earthing through the winter here in Canada . Does anyone know if you could wear mucluks outside during the winter or having leather soled shoes still allows us to Earth Ty.

  14. Suzanne MAXINE Uzoff
    Suzanne MAXINE Uzoff says:

    all you skeptics need to try this and quit making jokes. I used to laugh at many simple and natural things that I have since integrated into my life. I now sleep grounded and wouldnt want to sleep any other way.

  15. seachangeau
    seachangeau says:

    It really depends on your situation as to how much inflammation or other damage you have – personally I found an hour a day was helpful for healing, even a soak in my bathtub which is earthed via the metal in the handheld spray tube but since i have been using the earthing products to increase this to at least four hours and now overnight when a lot of cell repair takes place the increased blood circulation is really noticeable. I just do not feel the cold anymore.

  16. IAMME857
    IAMME857 says:

    This is awesome and with combination or sun staring connects you from earth to sun, when done correctly there is no more a need for food, Great Documentary-EAT THE SUN-everyone should check it out.


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