Dr. Mercola and Dr. Lim on Near-Infrared Therapy (Full Interview)

In this interview, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Lew Lim talk about the use of near-infrared therapy to treat Alzheimer’s disease, and how you can use light therapy …

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  1. Richard Price
    Richard Price says:

    I think it is a lot more complex than the rather crude cytochrome mechanism which may act like a capacitor for the mitochondria the Quantum Mechanical effect is perhaps creating an increase in photonic energy in the vicinity of the mitochondria which acts in subatomic fields in the organelles and cells.

  2. mfr58
    mfr58 says:

    The machine should be turned on and off remotely to obviate any other effects. Basic scientific method. Profound explanation from Dr.Mercola about how food, feeds us. It's all about electrons in the mitochondria and that light can serve a similar function. We can start to see how the breatherers can survive without food.

  3. l t
    l t says:

    Stay off cholesterol medicines. Amazon Books is full of responses from readers verifying the truth in books on subject of "the dangers of statin drugs". ….. (A billion dollar profit yearly for drug companies, follow the money trail!)

  4. Trish Davi
    Trish Davi says:

    Thanks again Drs. I agree with your guest that the closest thing in simulated lighting to natural is best. There was a study done of office workers depressed by yellow flickering mercury florescent & when they felt so much better in the study with full spectrum replacement they switched all their offices to full spectrum. I think it works the same way as the premises of whole foods. By design they work well in synchronicity. Altering the spectrum for medical or scientific purpose is something we need not endure on a daily basis. Good call on the blue blocker glasses to protect against ultra violet in the other video

  5. Dan Guzman
    Dan Guzman says:

    A tremendous well informed dialogue Dr.Mercola it was a real pleasure observing your tonasitty to become better informed & learn about such cutting edge Bio-healing protocols. I have zero time with any education college or school just years researching all things deemed Alternative Health. At 49: minutes in you fellas discuss how the near infrared becomes heat as a result of water absorbing it & generating heat. I practice placing a 5 gallon "white" plastic bucket filled with garden hose water, & let it absorb the suns solar rays all day, I then water the potted flowers somewhere between 3:30 AM & 7:30 Am when plants actually are drinking water then they dig down there roots tips to run from solar heat & burn. Ware absorbs solar radiation & then feeds it to the plants, as a more Bio-rich food source. If people place distilled water in direct sun light or under a near infrared RED Bathroom Heat Lamp the water will become charged just like a batter charges to be a source for electricity. If water is placed in a quartz crystal container all of the suns rays/frequency will enter into the water thus energizing it. I am suggesting that water, distilled preferably or coconut water be energized/charged for all Bio-living organism. Term "Alzheimer" Dr.Alzheimer denoted came after his theory that the generations raised on food cooked with the NEW Aluminum pot's & pans were the direct cause for the said disease. The plaque that feeds on the aluminum that passes through the blood brain barrier does so exponentially in part because that said barrier to be of any actual block toward neuro toxins must have a healthy amount of the mineral Magnesium as the Castle Mote that prevents entry. Magnesium absorbed through Epsom salt foot soaking Dr.Schoels type tools is a must for all for many reasons other than just to have & support a Healthy "working" blood brain barrier. As to what mineral the body could displace aluminum I do not know 4 example fluoride is displaced kicked out by the mineral boron which is what the body wants & is denied from feed diet. Aluminum is proved to be at toxic levels in people autopsy upon death. Yes the Aluminum didn't cause the dementia symptom the micro bacteria analaque plaque growing fungus is. But without the aluminum that plaque has no food source. This is for the reader to contemplate & LEARN, You bubba! ? How effectively does the aluminum in the brain convert the infrared into heat as aluminum is a heat conductor like copper, yet copper is much more a defense against bacteria,etc. My suggestion is to also radiate your drinking water with near infrared lights 700 to 1000 Nm I believe. My other interesting suggestion to the inventor hear is to couple his tool with Light_n_Sound Machines like the David & Nova Pro100 I own. The L.E.D. glasses come in any color, white, red & blue, or varied like a sound equalizer can alter harmonic frequency range the S&L Machines also pulse @ many, many different mind altering frquency from awake Beta down to deep Delta the Alpha Theta zone being the best cosmic mind opening imparture. I would also share that you the reader would do yourself the justice of learning to operate a pendulum you hold between your thumb & first finger this is called Ideometer response & is hearing directly from your subconscious mind & higher spirit mind Seth called it your over soul. Trust me your subconscious loves to talk with you via Ideometer response & is the only so called psychic influence other than a dream journal to accept as a safe source for wellbeing & informed extensions to grasp from the unknown. The eye's absorb photon light & that causes certain Hormonal activity wearing glass glasses is a direct barrier to certain healthy solar radiation a topic I think missed in this fine discourse. We also have pigments in food that house solar rainbow living (BIO)system energy like Carrots make the skin a orange color that shows excessive amounts of Beta Carotene which is in fact a very good barrier against sun burn. As with Japan who smoke more cigarettes than most populations yet have low lung cancer because they also consume much,much Sea Kelp & sodium the added minerals are a true ritual for feeding the body what it needs. Antioxidants that being "ELECTRONS" found in living food,good air oxygen, & generated by your hips while walking combats free radical damage, also enzymes are extremely important for Bio-biology. It is said that the Life Guards in Australie have low skin cancer & the Black poppulation who cover up most of their skin thus making little to no vitamin D-3 have higher skin cancer, as do those whom spend much time under florescent lighting that has no infrared. As Dr.Goldberg has discovered the majority of elderly all suffer from a lack of blood bathing their brains this is do to little physical exercise a raised aerobic heart beat & also never spending time with the head much below the feet in a decline position. Yet an interesting discovery from Egypt Tomb's is if you elevate the the head of bead 6" & get use to feeling like your sliding down. You will get a very strange physiological result much as a tree draws sap up the trunk more vital fluids will defy gravity & actually circulate up & thus feed your brain & whole body & the result can & will be certain symptom complaints disipaite, & that results in less income for your M.D. drug pusher, so no need to share what choo been da doin. shhhh pay tupid they count on it. Trust them like the livestock that funds the Medical INDUSTRY!

  6. Thomas Squires
    Thomas Squires says:

    I do agree that frequencies can be of enormous beneficial effects as well as the state of the water that is being used in the organic structures , how ever as for the testing premise of the controlled studies and the sometimes effectiveness and non effectiveness of trials ; what is the state of the blue light present in the differing testing facilities as we do know that frequency is present in all forms of matter … perhaps even or balance the blue light conditional frequency outputs in all of the testing situations and then conduct the research … just my observations and opinions as an individual research analyst of water / light / and frequencies regarding health benefits to the organic structures .


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