Dr. Mercola Discusses Pigs with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm

http://www.mercola.com/ Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm …

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  1. chico frijoles
    chico frijoles says:

    Those look like some happy pigs. This series of videos is really incredible… mind altering! I agree with the other commenters: Salatin's a farm genius!  Thanks Dr. Mercola for producing this!

  2. Edward Rose
    Edward Rose says:

    Great use of pigs and land, I am currently configuring my property to make better use of the land. I have a small wallow area for my pigs to stay cool in on hot summer days that they love. We recently pastured and seeded down a half acre paddock for just my spring meat birds to forage in, we only do 100 or so at a time mainly for our own use and to recoup investment. Thanks for the insight into your operation.

  3. Joseph Lorusso
    Joseph Lorusso says:

    50 pigs per half acre he said @mybeefcows. All of us young folks who want to farm in a bio-diverse way, should!! Don't be afraid of failure, we are part of nature just as much as plants and animals. Sell your TV and make a difference!

  4. Emma Eichhorn
    Emma Eichhorn says:

    This farm seems really awesome! I'm not very familiar with livestock, but I wonder is all the vegetation natural or does Joel plant crops for the pigs to chow down on? Is there a concern for some weeds that might be toxic to the pigs?


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