Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Jason Fung (Full Interview)

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  1. Jim Joyce
    Jim Joyce says:

    Excellent points about dietitians not agreeing (afraid of breaking established protocols?) with the doctor’s program……I have fought that same situation with dietitians/nutritionists/endocrinologists…..I can’t imagine how ridiculous it would be in a socialized medicine scenario!

  2. valentina morales
    valentina morales says:

    I have the books from Frung I also benefit from fasting my skin got younger I have better Bowl Movement one night I drove from Santa rosa California to San Francisco in the middle of the to take my granddaughter home to Sf I had so much clarity I went back to Santa rosa and I still have so much energy its was 2 am . I years agao cause I have an autoimmune disease that fatigue would settle so quickly I can barely do anything by 2 pm.

  3. Dale Val
    Dale Val says:

    I have blown my Drs mind, in 6 months , I improved my A1C from 12.7 to 7.5 , my kidney and liver cut in half, I'm 60 ,she said yesterday my kidney are more like a non dietbetic of less than my age, my number was 0.64, In 6 months, I used 120 units of Insulin to 0, my weight still to high ,, but my sugar always normal, in July I went kito and a 3 day fast, here is the secret, in 31 days I dumped 24 lbs , my Dr yesterday checked scale 2 times then said Holy Shit ???, Then said sorry didn't mean to swear lol, between kito and fasting, I finally get it , by 2020 using this I'll be down to my bon obeise number, this guy really helped me , and actually I give Jesus credit, in the Bible it talks much about it , this knocks years off you life, and when I eat I eat good, and healthy kito, when I fast I feel really good, my mind goes like a mad scientist I'm inventing, creating, it makes your brain go OT, this is the secret folks, get skinny, get happy , get healthy, my waist, my numbers , my Dr, my sex life, my gut, tell me it's for real .

  4. Stephaine Warzecha
    Stephaine Warzecha says:

    In 1 month- I've already lost 10 pounds. . . of body fat. I only eat dinner, & much as I want. Though, I do fast 23 hours a day. I dont workout but I'm starting to look like freaking Tarzan. . . in the very best way.

  5. Melexdra
    Melexdra says:

    So straight forward, realistic and logical. Love it, only method that works for me to lose weight. Filming my weight loss through intermittent fasting on my channel. Thanks for the inspiration Dr Fung!

    ASIA MEGNET says:

    Let me comment… I have seen many many speaker… And they final is buy their book… But this speaker tell u everything.. Which is made you will buy the book and i am give him honor for this act

  7. Lee
    Lee says:

    I started my fasting not to long ago, 18/6 and I have to say it. I feel so great from very first day I haven't had any problems so far.
    No headache, no craving for food,no craving for sweets.
    Although I really had a sweet tooth. Yesterday I finish my 24 hours fasting and I didn't feel any hunger. I really didn't feel like to eat at all. Its amazing how you become not interesting in eating any junk or sweet food.
    This is the way to go. I love it I'll stick to it.
    Just want to ad to my little story that I'm not obese. I'm 180 cm and weigh 88 kg, but my problem is belly and bloating.
    I was excersising everyday and no result, but soon I started fasting I didn't have to wait long time for results. So here I'm bloating is already gone and my belly goes every day more flatter.

  8. Diane Bejarano
    Diane Bejarano says:

    Im doing it and it is soooo easy. I drink coffee w half n half thru breakfast to lunch then eat. Then i work late or do an after work activity then skip dinner. Go home if it is early do all kinds of beauty treatments or dishes clean kitchen then go to bed.

  9. Deborah T
    Deborah T says:

    Dr. Fung is a true humanitarian for the health of general society. He is more interested in our health than $$$. I am very impressed with the moral compass of this extraordinary gentleman.

  10. Hani Saleh
    Hani Saleh says:

    Muslims fast for almost 30 days during the Month of Ramadan
    where they abstain from consuming any form of food or drink including water for
    a period that varies between 12 -17 hours depending on the location. The Holy
    Qura’an tells about fasting: “But to fast is best for you, if you only knew”
    Surah 2: verse 184. Moreover, it was reported that the prophet of Islam peace
    be upon him said: “If you fast, you get well”. It is
    amazing and worth pondering about: how the proven science of autophagy
    confirms the accuracy and the wisdom of Qura’an and the prophet traditions.

  11. Muriel LEBEAU
    Muriel LEBEAU says:

    I water fasted 5 days last year for the first time of my life, genuinely thinking that i will probably die after 3 days without food regards to all that i have been told all my life long. I survived of course, and this period drastically changed my life forever and for so much better! It s a shame that it is not a health authorities concern as it is not making any money compares to food and pharmaceutic industries. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, people have to know that medication is not solving everything! Keep spreading the word! Cheers!

  12. luizito1212
    luizito1212 says:

    Much respect from what i know doctors get paid to give medicine to illnesses that can easily fix just to keep u coming back for a refill n yet here u r helping people for free and all they have to do is fast n clean out their system and become healthy

  13. ahopoka
    ahopoka says:

    As a mechanical fitter and I use this illustration all the time. When your engine isnt running how it should be and we not following the manufacturer specifications, will doing exactly the same to our bodies.When we over the last 40 year our food habits are not the same as it was prior to that, fast foods, process foods., sugars , we gotten away from our basis eating plan 2 fruit 3 veg. Time to stop regroup restock ourselves it no different to the car engine get it retuned, repaired the mechanical fault and the same for us get to the root course of the issue, time we helped ourselves with practical solutions with the Drs supporting us on the mission to help us get back to good health and we can make a impact right here sharing the knowledge and sure you going to get the knocked I say " Unless you have tried it, you not qualified to make a statement, dont knock it until you try it 1st".Guy's share it pass it on help your family & friend's that the topic is to reverse the issue by you taking action you have the tools, shareholders the love making a differences in peoples lives it a life and game changer.

  14. Mischa Lore
    Mischa Lore says:

    Great man, nothing else to say really other than did my first fast ever (at 52 years of age) managed 120 hours (5 days) using Dr Fungs advice, wasn`t easy but will certainly do another one soon thank you Dr for sharing a way of controlling our bodies 😎

  15. Vivienne Kestrel
    Vivienne Kestrel says:

    Fasting as a choice is an amazing tool. I was taking upwards of a 100 units of insulin per day, and it wasn't working. I started fasting two weeks ago. My numbers have leveled out to normal, my insulin use has fallen to 8 units per day (and if it's normal the entire day, I don't take any). I feel amazing and have so much energy and losing the leash of food consumption has been so freeing! It's completely my choice and I feel in control of my diabetes and my day!

  16. Rafilover 7
    Rafilover 7 says:

    I am a Muslim and fast for 29 days in the month of Ramadaan for about 13/14 hrs and have been feeling the best during that month then any other day..so now I have started to fast more on mondays,and Thursdays as prescribed by our prophet.. feel great and sugar level in control 99,,blood pressure 120/ 70….Thank you for all this great info Drs..appreciate it

    BROTHER TN says:

    I’m on day 6 of a 10 day fast and so far I’ve lost 11 pounds, fasting is amazing! Who knew not eating would result in weight lost 😆… I wish I had known about fasting sooner!

  18. Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown says:

    How many people have to die before this is accepted scientific evidence that the Medical field is and has been doing it wrong? The only reason we're being instructed to follow these (So-called) Medical Professionals that are doing more harm than good. This madness has to stop and Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Agro has to be put in check as they are the ones that are in Big Government making it as bad as it has gotten to be. I challenge you to show me where our Government has improved (Anything) once they've got involved in it ! Show me and I will retract my statement and apologize.

  19. Carmen Tongson
    Carmen Tongson says:

    I have been doing the 16-hour fast for more than a year now although not very religiously especially when l go on vacation to different countries but I am proud to say that from 160lbs. I am now down to 130lbs. I am very comfortable doing it which means I don't experience hypoglycemia anymore and strong hunger pangs anymore, when I've had it for the past 55 years of my life. At age 15 I already experienced trembling and sometimes even to the point of fainting when I get hungry . I am almost 70 years old, in August to be exact, and I have never felt better. I even walk a lot more now as a form of exercise. I feel light and so much stronger than I have ever been in all my life. It was actually my second son, a triathlete who advised me to listen to him in YouTube and now even my 2 other sons plus their spouses are into fasting. One of the 2 other sons I mentioned (youngest) who weighed 210lbs. before lost 80 lbs in one year and now is down to 130lbs. I would like to say thanks so much to Dr. Fung because now we are one big happier family doing fasting. I'm forever grateful Dr. Fung!


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