Dr. Mercola Interviews Mark Kastel About Agent Orange

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/02/12/dow-agrosciences-developed-new-genetically-modified-crops.aspx Natural health physician and …

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  1. Venicestu
    Venicestu says:

    Last May 2011 the meeting of the CRFG Central coast chapter, visited a farm growing berries. The farmer told us the suckers on the canes, were sprayed with a defoliant (my ears perked) called "Shark" This herbicide/poison was much cheaper than hand clearing. After the meeting I asked him couldn't he make more if he was all organic – he said no it's about the same. I was in shock, not wanting to embarrass my parents or attendees I said nothing. It's the same profit, but you CHOOSE THE POISON.SICK

  2. Julia Shozen
    Julia Shozen says:

    I recently talked with a friend who just came back from a several week long business trip to Viet Nam. She said that over 50% of the population was under age 40. She was surprised at how everyone looked so young compared to the normal population mixes you see in Japan or USA. Do you think Vietnamese people have been dying off early because of Agent Orange?


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