Dr. Mercola's Presentation on High Intensity Exercise (Part 1 of 2)

http://fitness.mercola.com/ In this lecture, natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola reveals why you should consider doing High Intensity Exercise instead of …

The Scientificly Proven 10 Minute Exercise To Lose Weight & Keep It Off!

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  1. Tomacity(Rast)
    Tomacity(Rast) says:

    @tiatdivad u should look up mark sisson he was a ex ironman athlete he now does the same thing mercola does. I think his book is like primal blueprint check it out if ur interested. I love Mercola

  2. Salaam
    Salaam says:

    I looked into HGH a while ago through the work of Trudeau, but was apprehensive in beginning the program due to the injections, im glad to know there is a natural way of increasing your HGH.

    Along with Mike Adams, your youtube channel rules!

  3. quitejaded
    quitejaded says:

    Hmm! Interesting. I am 21. Do I need to start doing this?

    So, I think maybe every other day, I should go to the track and sprint. Ah, just like the old high school days. I used to hate running track, but I guess now I have a purpose. I was a good sprinter (got them african genes ;D).


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