Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On Her Feelings Towards Her Castmates

Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On Her Feelings Towards Her Castmates “I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt.” “Saved by the Bell” star Lark Voorhies joins …

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  1. Sherese James-Grow
    Sherese James-Grow says:

    I'm side-eyeing the mom….I'm sorry. She was a child back then! I wonder if her mom kept freaking out and making her feel like she was crazy? Teens act out emotionally when scarred and since their brains aren't fully developed, mental dysfunction can occur from abuse. However Hollywood was treating her, she probably came home acting out, and mom called her crazy. All just to keep the paycheck going. This is truly sad! Only Jesus Christ can fix this. I pray that through God's sovereignty, that He will send someone real and full of Him to help her because her mom isn't.

  2. Joseph Roy
    Joseph Roy says:

    I don't think this is exploitation she obviously wants to show everyone her progress and it's a healing process for her…I am proud she did it and has a support system in place…INCLUDE THE GIRL IN THE REBOOT WON'T BE THE SAME WITHOUT LISA TURTLE…and screech for that matter

  3. Daniel Cobb
    Daniel Cobb says:

    Lark, God has greater things for you… You were a huge part of the show. Thank you for being part of millions of our lives. We are your reunion and we love you. Saved by the bell was your past, Saved by your transparency is our future. Thank you Lark. We are with you.

  4. Martin Zubero
    Martin Zubero says:

    Glad she’s on her way to recovery! Mental illness is so isolating especially when you’re made to feel less than what you were used to at your peak. It’s a longer flu that you wish could just go away immediately, but it’s just not the case. It took me 2 years of recovery from mental illness. With the help of my family, the right psychiatrist, the right therapist/psychologist, diet, exercise, spiritual support, and an individual mental dexterity, I luckily got 100% better! I chose to live and live the rest of my life happy, connected, and a positive outlook. Most of all, I began to pray. I’m the best version of me that emerged from the darkness that enveloped my whole being. I wish Lark the best! I know she can do it!!!

  5. dg 4787
    dg 4787 says:

    I really hope and pray for a great life for her as she conquers this disease. On a side note, I don't really think she is being shunned, things just happen. As far as the remake, tiffany Amber thiessen and dustin diamond won't be on the show either. So I don't believe they are only shunning her. Its not a remake with the whole cast, it's supposed to be with new children in those places. The other three are not leads just supporting cast.

  6. Tre Anthony
    Tre Anthony says:

    Thank you both doctors for restoring this beautiful women back to health. Mental illness is so serious people. Even if you don’t understand , get to learn, don’t leave ones in the dark. If your child we’re going through the same you would want to find treatment and help wouldn’t you ? Let’s all have a heart and understand and help those ones in need. Get better LARK our beautiful soul 🖤🌹


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