Dr. Oz Exclusive: Roseanne Barr on Going to Israel

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  1. Joaquín C
    Joaquín C says:

    Roseanne’s tweet was not about race. It was political, as Roseanne has mentioned numerous times. She was trying to comment on Iran, which is experiencing chaos in its streets as we speak. Roseanne believes Valerie, as a member of the Obama administration, had a role in the expansion of the Muslim brotherhood in places like Iran. The tweet had NOTHING to do with what the movie is called, and everything to do with what the movie is about. Planet of the Apes, the movie, is about overthrowing political despots. And that is what some people of Iran are trying to do to their own government. People need to get past the word “Ape”. That had nothing to do with what Roseanne was trying to say. If the movie was called “waka maka waka” then that’s what she would have said, because what the movie is called was irrelevant to what she was trying to say. Again, Roseanne was comparing what she believes to be Valerie’s actions with the PLOT of the movie, not the name or characters in it.

  2. Elise Hebert
    Elise Hebert says:

    I truly do love Roseanne, and I feel she was treated VERY wrong and VERY unfairly. No, I am not a Trump supporter, and yes, she is a Trump supporter. But one of the great things about this country, or so I assumed, was that people could have differing opinions yet still respect and appreciate each other. Any post on social media is open for interpretation, and no interpretation is right or wrong. It is like morals…every person's ideas of morals vary. But one thing Roseanne is not is a racist! She implied that a tanned colored woman was a monkey or gorilla or looked like one (I cannot remember which). So if someone says that I, as a white woman, look like a ghost, that means they are racist? No indeed not! Wake up America, and stop persecuting and tormenting people over WORDS that were taken out of context and interpreted to suit only certain agendas!

  3. Carmina Levario
    Carmina Levario says:

    I don’t think It was 100% about her comments.. It was a opportunity that CBS and Disney saw as a open window to manipulate the press and society in order to get ahold of her show, and get rid of her.. She was holding a major part of the show being it was show to start off with.. She was making good money.. They got greedy and realized that was their chance to get rid of her .. And they did .. That’s the way greedy America works.. My heart goes out to her .. She did not deserve to be treated that way .. One mistake cost her everything …


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