Dr. Oz Unveils the Dr. Oz App

Dr. Oz explains how you can use the brand-new Dr. Oz app to find recipes, show episodes, health plans like The 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge, and …

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  1. idk S
    idk S says:

    Dr Oz has sold out to Apple. Does he know or care how many people have Android? He says he doesn't support any product, but he plugs Usanna on the show and you can't navigate the website without Usanna pop-ups interfering. And now Apple. I was glad to see the Regimen today but I can't find an Android Dr Oz app.

  2. Anna Marie
    Anna Marie says:

    Really! Thanks a lot for making the new Dr. Oz app only for iTunes! This is awful. So excited about this app and can't find it for android. So not cool!! Shame on the Dr. Oz show!!!
    Furious (help me find the link for android)!!!!!

  3. ron nowlin
    ron nowlin says:

    am I going to have to sit through 30 ads to get through this like the garbage Web site, that doesn't render properly, and will not let me full screen the video's?
    your ad filled website makes me not trust a word that Dr.Oz says.
    I feel as though he can be bought, and is frequently.
    I wanted to try this "challenge" however, I am nearly at my wits end with his garbage Web page.


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