Dr. Oz Visits Dr. Ken for a Flu Shot

Dr. Oz explains the benefits and importance of getting a flu shot –while getting one himself– to Dr. Ken Jeong on the set of Dr. Ken. Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official …

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  1. Irish Kid19xx
    Irish Kid19xx says:

    Funny in a interview he said he would get the flu shot but he won't let his wife or kids get it. When I was younger it gave me the swine flu after that I never got it again grew up and till this day I don't get sick or haven't had the flu again.

  2. Anni C
    Anni C says:

    I always get bedridden sick with one hundred four fever temperature when I get the flu shot. At work especially when I worked in nursing homes as nurse aide, the bosses would not give the paycheck unless one was vaccinated. So, I got the flu shot and my paycheck. I almost got fired bekause I couldn't work for a week. I was so sick that I was swollen from my tonsils, I think. I looked as if I had the mumps times four. And the injection 💉 site, right shoulder, swollen! NEVER AGAIN! 😷😓

  3. cruiseny26
    cruiseny26 says:

    Omg… for once Dr Oz says something credible and no one will believe him. But the same non-believers will be on board for all the other bull crap he endorses. Alkaline water, growth hormone, colonics anyone? 😂

  4. Luis Palacios
    Luis Palacios says:

    YouTube what's the Ingredients in the flu shot they want you to to Inject this s*** into your blood stream every year and they force our kids to get injected to go to school. They say it's safe😠 Google What the ingredients in the flu shot☠☠☠

  5. JePac
    JePac says:

    well, just stay healthy… vaccines for other serious diseases, like hepatitis A/B, pox, and all, are needed but for flu.. when you get older and old enough, you are good… just wash hands properly, eat right, exercise some, sleep good, and relieve mental stress. I've lived and been living in areas with bipolar, and temperate weather. but I did not get flu for long years without flu shots..

  6. Michael Gonzales
    Michael Gonzales says:

    I wish they would have gone into herd immunity a little, instead of just name dropping it, because that's the main reason that everyone should get the flu shot. Sure the shot doesn't work 100% for any given person, but if half as many people get the flu, then that's half as many people to then give other people the flu, who if themselves vaccinated half of which of them won't suffer from that flu either. And this halving of the infected, will compound to drastically cut down on the number of flu cases, which also cuts down on the mutation speed of the virus, allowing the shot to be even more effective across multiple years.


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