Dr. Pimple Popper Demonstrates How to Remove an Ingrown Hair

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  1. Matt Ragan
    Matt Ragan says:

    Dr. Oz has robot insides. Something is definitely "off" about him.
    Also, who makes these props? Think about what he or she tells their families they did at work any given day. Good dinner table talk lol

  2. Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares says:

    I have a lot of little ingrown hairs on the back of my arms, they're just little red dots and some hairs are looped back into my skin but I can't seem to get rid of them even if I pull them out

  3. Ymsmd 108
    Ymsmd 108 says:


  4. Horace Au
    Horace Au says:

    Hey, did anyone just wonder maybe Dr. Pimple Popper didn't know the set and Dr Oz helped lead her? Hand holding can be seen as a sign of compassion. Maybe they were already close friends. But I guess not let's jump to conclusions and say MaNsPLaIninG, HoW conDesCenDing!


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