Everything About The Antimalarial Drug

Everything About The Antimalarial Drug Watch more on The Dr. Oz Show: https://bit.ly/2BkLSeG Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube channel: …

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  1. JTDesigns - Child Of God
    JTDesigns - Child Of God says:

    Thank you for getting this info out there. The media are still trashing this and the president out of there hate. Guess they rather see thousands more die. This virus is not a political issue it’s a life and death issue. I can’t believe the level of hate on the left. I have lupus and I know this is safe in most people and if it even saved 1 life it should be used. God Bless you

  2. Jim Phelps
    Jim Phelps says:


    Your Dr. L is a part of the problem. Not recognizing why HCQ works is related to the pH shift toward alkaline in the cells, which is highly related to killing off the COVID-19 virus. All virus, bacteria, fungus are pH sensitive and the alkaline kills them all.

    Knowing the pH issues is also part of the longer term prevention solutions.

    The Dems games to suppress this was aimed to decimate the US, and their AMA components that did much the same need similar recognition for trying to hide the pH and alkaline benefits, exceptionally so when interstitial pH controls the response of the Spleen from a full on autoimmune to healing M-2 responses.

    In AMA medicines, the pH issues have been suppressed and make them trillions by doing that suppression.

    It is well known that low pH is directly associated with metabolic illnesses and also for Diabetes 1 and 2, as obvious issues that low pH s the causative indication. The macrophage autoimmune attacks on Pancreas islet cells is due to interstitial pH making Spleen M-1 response that is the autoimmune issue. It gets down to sugars and carbs are converted into lactic acids in the gut and then direct into the blood stream and the liver and kidneys are overloaded. These lactic acids are contaminated with too high a level of deuterium and this acts like an isotopic bomb to destroy ATP Synthase functions.

    Hence, the issue is the AMA, et al, have ignored this systemic damages that has contributed to liver damage and diseases increases for more than 5 decades.

    It is highly suggest that you do not ignore the pH to alkaline shifts due to HCQ use on COVID-19.

  3. Jim Phelps
    Jim Phelps says:

    Hello P. Trump,

    It appears you have jumped onto the Dem's 16 year plan and huge levels of malfeasance with extreme spending. Obviously, you know about the NYC Jewish Doctor using hydroxycholoquine to cure "699" persons using outpatient methods and $20 in medications. "699" has special symbolism in the Jewish world, and linked with angels helping.

    Unfortunately, the Dems have been hiding PPE and other infection control methods so the hospitals and medical staff become the spreaders of COVID-19. 19 is extremely infectious for people with low internal pH, and the HCQ works via higher pH to kill the virus quickly.

    19's infection is driven by its power to lower pH in the cells and the loss of smell due to the olfactory cell infections is due to sudden pH drops in these sense of smell cells.

    You have the cure and you have seen the Dem's 16 year plans and they are now going to hit you with malfeasance using your White House Panel of Rockefeller profiteers.

    There is a way to change pH over wide areas and change the rates of infection. Public Water supplies using sodium bicarbonate to change the water pH to near 7.2. These can easily be set to change the public water pH to 7.7 or so, and that higher pH will drive down these 19 infection rates greatly and over wide areas of states and large cities.

    You really don't need all these hospitals. You do need to get all the crooks hiding the masks, the simple medicines and using you to the point of being shipped to Leavenworth and being the Anti-Christ.

    Your time is limited, even with JFK. JR's helping. There are cures directly at hand with HCQ, as well as pH set point changes in public water systems that will effect changes in infection rates via changing interstitial pH in their bodies.

    You are near the point of no return, change more quickly, else the price will be you become the criminal's assistant.


  4. Kathy Sum
    Kathy Sum says:

    A coronavirus patient in my town was facing going on a ventilator. They offered the Hydroxychloroquine and z pack and he is doing much better. There is a story in my local paper. I think they need to give it before they get to the ventilator stage.

  5. cindy asare
    cindy asare says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for showing the public these real actual patients that recovered there is hope with the medications they were given. It should be use to treat everyone needing it.Please push for it to save more lives.

  6. Gnysh Jaydan
    Gnysh Jaydan says:

    I’m really sick of hearing this doctors say it seemed to work why not use it then ? Time is limited people are dying do something to get rid of this virus immediately

  7. Carl P
    Carl P says:

    This is a Short duration Illness in that start to finish you are either better in 12 or 15 days or you went WAY SOUTH.
    And this study is going on about 15 days now. STOP Your Effing BS You ALREADY KNOW if its good or Not !

  8. Carl P
    Carl P says:

    These Guys are Blowing wind from their butt. They talk about how people with weakened immune systems are at risk THEN THEY SAY
    An excited immune response if Very Bad ! IT CANT BE BOTH OK LETS GET REAL !
    Also I would be willing to bet that when given early this will be VERY beneifical but give late will have almost zero effect.
    They Have the Numbers on this Drug Already STOP THE EFFING GAMES and Give it EARLY !

  9. pmh1nic
    pmh1nic says:

    This needs to be given well before the point of having to put someone on a ventilator. Clinical trials are great under normal circumstances but these aren't normal circumstances. At this point the clinical trial will be what happens to the mortality rate once these drugs are widely administered.

  10. Tony Wong
    Tony Wong says:

    Dr Oz is a good person and doc. He is using his influence to show the world and media what a positive impact on this simple cost effective life saving treatment could do to save life. Kudos ! More endorsements please.

  11. stranded pirate
    stranded pirate says:

    the smartest stupidest people we have – "we gave him this drug and he got better." "do you think it was because we gave him the drug?"
    we are all f'd if this is the brightest we have in charge.

  12. jd8524
    jd8524 says:

    What’s really upsets me is the globalist MSM. They were all against HQC when Trump mentioned it a few weeks ago! I’m praying that CNN, MSAID, and the rest all go bankrupt real soon!

  13. jd8524
    jd8524 says:

    Now that the 15 minutes testers are available. If you test positive for the virus please call you doctor and have the prescribe the HCQ plus Zpack plus zinc. It’s really important to include the zinc.

  14. Danielle M
    Danielle M says:

    We still need to see evidence so that other doctors and governors who are against it will maybe be open to it. Is it still months away before we get the info

  15. The legend
    The legend says:

    hello can the person live if you give him air cold in hes lungs -10 or more what will happen, second let the people increase house temp high as much they can with care it will kill the virus , even if not sick can take Antibiotic
    to reduce the work of the immune system doctors follow protocols that why >>>>>
    so their are so many ways to help the people if doctors forget protocols and use logic thanks

  16. MrZedblade
    MrZedblade says:

    I've been hearing about the "small study in France" for over a month. I've been hearing "we're doing a study in the US" for over a month. And now? They will "begin testing" in NY? What the @#(*$ have they been doing for over 4 weeks? Has anyone bothered to take a quick look at what's going on in the world and, oh say, get the faint notion that maybe we should hurry this up just a bit?

  17. N T
    N T says:

    A doctor in NY (Michelle Gordon) on Dr. Duc Vuong's youtube channel is on the front line in NY and said that mix of drugs is NOT working and you all are giving false hope. There ore only certain instances where it MAY work.

  18. Mark X
    Mark X says:

    Have there been a lot of spontaneous 24h recoveries from people in his condition?
    Why would they treat it as nothing unusual?
    Seems they are playing this down for some crazy reasons.

  19. Russ Logan
    Russ Logan says:

    It's all about fear and acceptance of an authoritarian police state and loving it. Telling the sheep to live as normal and this medication is available should you get sick, isn't in line with the social engineering program we see here

  20. Ed Cain
    Ed Cain says:

    Trials,? Lagos,Nigeria,Country of 18-21 million Has Been Using the Hydroxichlorniqe For Quite Some Time.Less than 250 infected Patients,Very Few Deaths for A Country of This Population.What Other Proof Do We Need?

  21. just in
    just in says:

    Dr Oz , what happened to the study you were going to finance at a cost of $ 250.000 out of your own pocket. It was a mere week ago you said you were going to start in next few days . No word about this personal study in video . I am confused.

  22. JB67
    JB67 says:

    Doctor Oz, please try to get in touch with, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a New York-based family practitioner, is confident in a drug combination he's successfully used to treat the coronavirus.


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