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My life is admittedly pretty strange. Between working as a doctor, doing YouTube, speaking on TV, and being a dog dad… I have some pretty interesting days.

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  1. J F
    J F says:

    How was it painless, if there was still a needle? And was it just the flu vaccine or covid, specifically? O.o also, we all know you ate a donut as soon as the camera stopped lmao.

  2. penguinvsminja
    penguinvsminja says:

    In response to the plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon: I was bitten on the lips by a dog 4.5 years ago. I lost 30% of my bottom lip and 10% of my top lip. The plastic surgeon I saw did a great job to reattach the muscle and healthy tissue and remove the affected parts. My scars, muscle, and nerves have healed pretty well, but I will look different forever. And it’ll feel odd forever. I was extremely grateful for my plastic surgeon!

  3. Saintly Beginnings
    Saintly Beginnings says:

    Eh. Schumer is a snake. Sorry Doc, but he does not lead by example. Perhaps Schumer is genuinely incompetent and speaks but knows nothing, but not sure that is any better than being a liar and political hack that is creating immense division, and is a complete hypocrite.

    That said, we should do unto others as we wish them to do unto us; thus, we should treat as a human, w/ compassion; which can and SHOULD be done, even while shining light of the corrupt and/ or bad policies, actions such people are/ do.

  4. summer
    summer says:

    Alrighty I despiseeee anything with needles but that didn't look as scary as I expected it to. (Must've been different in person though, hahaha I would freak out sooo much.)

  5. Rosalind Turner
    Rosalind Turner says:

    docter: Do you rember us
    Me: no who you (btw this is actually real life because in the UK and I think you don't get the same docter I think I've seen the same docter 2 times and I've been to the docters and the hospital SO MANY TIMES LIKE my mum says she never has known anyone else been to the hospital as many times as me and my sister)

  6. cantthinkofausername lol
    cantthinkofausername lol says:

    hey i just realised, i'm aussie and we don't have dunkin doughnuts, i was wondering if anybody knew if a doughnut shop with similar fonts and the like doughnut king was actually the same shop with a different name just like how my EB games is just different branding for american game stop


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