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  1. Grace Kroon
    Grace Kroon says:

    heyo, I'm 12 and I tried the whole30 diet with my mom and it has been so awesome. We make our own almond milk that is delicious and I honestly don't care for dairy anymore. If you're exploring health options, you should probably watch some documentaries bc its crazy how much sugar an average american consumes and its scary what sugar does to your body

  2. Devin Reid
    Devin Reid says:

    In 2008, the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity studied the psychology behind weighing yourself daily. The researchers concluded that daily weigh-ins increased healthy habits. These scheduled weigh-ins can also create self-awareness and keep you accountable. In turn, this can lead to long-term weight loss.

  3. MarnieFabulous [SE]
    MarnieFabulous [SE] says:

    Love Whole30. Changed my entire outlook on food. I was absolutely shocked to discover how much sugar; organic, synthetic, or otherwise is in our food products. After doing the Whole30, to the letter, 3x inside of 18 months, I now eat "clean" most of the time and have gladly removed gluten, dairy & sugar from my diet. Shopping and cooking healthy food is a breeze now. Heartburn/acid reflux has permanently disappeared. Aches and pains of middle age have dissipated. Cognitive clarity allows me to be more organized and productive at home and at work. Although I absolutely love Whole30, it's not for everyone. It's tough, it's hard, and frankly, it can be very, very boring. Oh – and it can be really hard to eat out, too. 90% of the time I get a mixed salad with salmon; kind of takes the fun out of trying new restaurants…..

  4. MaxSnow24
    MaxSnow24 says:

    It's amazing how many people in this comment section are so dependent on grains. A whole30 diet is basically not too dissimilar to a paleo diet, ideally what you are eating are meats, fruits, and vegetables. Pretty much anything you could hunt or forage for if you were in the wilderness would be fair game.

  5. Koli Marie
    Koli Marie says:

    Something I’ve learned as someone who has pretty severe intolerances to a few things (including soy), is that soy is in SO MUCH. It took me about 2-3 months to realize that soy is in SOY sauce (brain wasn’t working too well).

  6. margo81172
    margo81172 says:

    Yep, not a fan. I have medical issues but decided to try keto to lose weight last year. Within a month, when I went into my doctor for lab work, my liver was being flooded with toxins dumping into it too quickly. I had to immediately get off keto. Sure I lost 25 pounds that month but gained every bit back in a matter of weeks as soon as I started eating a more rounded diet again.

  7. Patricia Velazquez
    Patricia Velazquez says:

    Hey! I have severe allergies to red meat and pork; but also everytime I eat I get rashes on my chest.. I honestly don’t feel inching but people are always scandalous about how red my chest gets. I always have reflux and some sore of light stomachache do you think I should do this diet ? Please help .. I honestly want to be healthy and not have stomach problems

  8. icuh8nplaya
    icuh8nplaya says:

    I do a primal paleo, very minute amount of dairy, because of my crohns. It helps but doesn’t make it vanish 😫 as you stated, I absolutely can not eliminate dairy, last check I had showed d2 at a 12 so my dr insisted adding some dairy and tabs 😕

  9. Andi Kay
    Andi Kay says:

    Vitamin D is a poor example. Vitamin D is made from 20 min of sunshine and can be eaten from mushrooms or other foods outside of dairy. Lastly, it is highly NOT nutritionally sufficient because it is natural foods bs supplements. You receive the minerals and vitamins through whole vegetables and fruit verses a simple processed extraction.

  10. NYC Entrepreneur
    NYC Entrepreneur says:

    If you’re a doctor and still thinking the best way to get Vitamin D is. through dairy products, then you have no clue about nutrition and how terrible dairy is for you.

    75% of people are lactose intolerant and there’s a reason for that. Humans are the only mammals that drink the milk of another mammal into adulthood. Why are we not drinking monkey milk or horse or rats milk. It’s completely bizarre.

  11. glo wood
    glo wood says:

    I did modified for 30 days. Did not eat or buy any of the items on the list. But if it was in food I already had in the fridge, like salad dressing with soy, didn’t throw it out. I replaced when done. If I went out I’d stay with in parameters as much as possible. Didn’t do this this for the elimination but to eat well without eat the big culprits for me, especially grains and dairy. I loved I could eat potatoes. I felt good and lost 15# in a month.


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