How Anna Delvey Stole My Life Savings

How Anna Delvey Stole My Life Savings For years, Ms. Sorokin pretended to be Anna Delvey, a German heiress with a trust fund that paid for a life of glamorous …

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  1. CiniCraft
    CiniCraft says:

    “Free trip to Morocco with hotel” haha, sounds like the guy on the phone named Larry Smith with a suspicious Indian accent and broken English with a great offer I just won at random.

  2. Eric James LA
    Eric James LA says:

    This girls the con artist. She goes on EVERY show she can to make money. She was using her “rich” heiress friend for trips and gifts and then it came time for her to pay and she goes and turns her friend in to the FBI? Girl you shady and no real friend

  3. ERIN Jay
    ERIN Jay says:

    I had a so called friend do this to me. She'd invite me to supper then order the most expensive thing suddenly she couldn't find her debit card. I ended up $700 or so lent to her.

  4. iclal eroglu
    iclal eroglu says:

    Since when do people let you into a hotel without paying for anything in advance? Unbelievable! I have to pay for my whole stay PLUS hotel credit before I see the inside of my room 😒

  5. Jodie Lee
    Jodie Lee says:

    While Anna is a true blood con artist, this gal is a true blood opportunist. In this case, the opportunist got taken for a ride by the con artist, but is still able to come out on top by using her experience to sell books and TV appearances. So, who's the real winner here? Opportunists always win, cuz they are survivors.

  6. Sarah Mj Stauffer
    Sarah Mj Stauffer says:

    I COULD spend 400$ on eyelashes. But I'd feel like a complete IDIOT! That wouldn't prove that I'm a royal who's inheriting 64M dollars! It WOULD prove I had access to 400$ and spent it on lashes, & I'm not very good at managing money. Lol Having a large following means nothing either, as you can buy followers. Silly silly.. The whole thing is silly.. Don't be so gullible People..

  7. M Bess
    M Bess says:

    Wow! She’s playing the pity card a bit too much. I didn’t see her crying when her friend was paying for her $300 gym session or her fancy dinner, flights, hotels, etc

  8. Larimar Sky
    Larimar Sky says:

    Anna is a con artist, but this chic doesn't seem innocent either. Not only was she mooching her way through her 'rich' friend, she seems entitled, refuses to take personal responsibility for her choices and actions, and is milking this 'traumatic' event as much as possible.

    She got her money back. Someone else paid for her greed and mistakes. So why doesn't she learn from it? Instead, she is trying take advantage of the situation/opportunity to make money and garner more attention to her victimhood.

    I would not buy her book or support this level of narcissism.

  9. Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 says:

    When a gold digger thought that she digged up a gold and end up just being a gold-plated cheap metal alloy, she shouldn't say she was tricked. It's her own stupidity and greediness that tricked her.

  10. TheCutBeautii
    TheCutBeautii says:

    If anyone feels sorry for her you’re an idiot. Walk yourself over to ABC for the real story. On top of that this chick is trying to make a movie about her dumb decisions. She is not suffering at all. Simply looking for a come up.

  11. Tania H
    Tania H says:

    Sorry, but every single person who got duped by this con artist was stupid. Like it or not, those are the facts. I have never in my life lent more than £10 to anyone. Why? Because I’m not stupid 😉

  12. Kimberly 84
    Kimberly 84 says:

    Wait a minute…. What flipping bank in their right mind gives someone over a $62,000 credit line ESPECIALLY when their salary is the same amount as the credit card. That's absolutely freaking insane 🙄


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