How to Cure Itchy and Irritated Paws Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian discusses about pets foot soaks. Dr. Karen Becker shares …

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  1. Cienna G
    Cienna G says:

    I wanted to come back here, and share what happened to my dog. He’s 5 and has always had runny eyes. This year the allergens have been significantly high. He started licking his paws non stop and scratching 1 ear. His symptoms usually go away on their own, but not this time. I tried different paw soaks and bathing him with anti itch shampoo. He ate and drank normally, but was not as active and didn’t want to go outside as much. I finally took him to the vet. He had ear infection in both ears, yeast and bacterial infections on the skin. He was put on Apoquel, Fluconazole, and was given a shot. He felt better instantly. Also, because he was so sick we paid for several tests. Everything came back fine, except for his blood work. My baby has chronic Leukemia! He’s only 5! So, if these natural remedies don’t work right away, for goodness sake, take your dog to the vet! Yes it has cost us hundreds of dollars, but he’s doing really well. Owning pets can get expensive, but they’re family. Don’t let them suffer.

  2. Ash Somers
    Ash Somers says:

    These videos have really helped me get up to speed on what I need to.know as a pet parent of two beautiful dogs 🙂 thank you. We are battling seasonal demodectic mange with the young one atm but since I've been applying every single one of your no nonsense common sense all natural approach we've started to hold out ground for the first time. Today I think I even start to see an improvement. Can't thank you enough for your free information. Regards from down under xxx

  3. Eduardo Roque
    Eduardo Roque says:

    I spent so much money at the vet kept telling me it was just allergies so we put her on medication. Nothing works so they would give her injections and it helped for a little but I hate seeing my girl suffer so I spent more money to get an allergy test changed her food and still nothing. I will try this now thank you so much!

  4. Paws4Mercy
    Paws4Mercy says:

    I could KISS you for these videos. My poor dog has suffered so much and I've spent thousands. Some specifically on feet alone. I wish I could show you what he does to his paws .actually chews his pads completely off . The vet ends up selling me his own brand of soap for 20-30 a bottle and it doesn't help. . I finally just started making him wear baby socks or not allowing him to walk on anything until after I dug up every bit of grass weeds stickers and even put astro turf down. Thank you thank you thank you. My baby is my whole world and I am on foxed income. I feel his life has been cut by 2/3 his potential because if the lack of honest information that wasn't intended solely to make the pharmacy and vet rich.

  5. lucy rosevelt
    lucy rosevelt says:

    You helped me again Dr. Becker!! I wish you were my Vet. Your foot dip/soak was the only thing that gave my dog relief and began the process of healing. By the way, my Vet  prescribed Temaril-P and Neo-predef 15mg. When he had no improvement she switched to Oclacitinib 12 mg and Betagen spray. We also switched to Wellness simple limited ingredient salmon and potato grain free for small breeds – I have a shih Tzu/maltese mix. I also bathed him in Espree Tea Tree oil to calm down the itchiness. The powder didn't work, the spray scared or stung him, Temaril -P made him hungry and aggressive, Oclacitinib reduced his appetite (I added wellness 95% turkey grain free can food as a topper and that helped a lot).

  6. kaye V
    kaye V says:

    Oh my goodness do veterinarians hide common sense for money? I can not believe how poor my dogs 1st Vet was. Her 2nd has her on diet, med shampoo extra care for paw and her skin has cleared up but I knew nothing about the function of a dogs paws…she used to chew her paws now she doesn't I will clean her paws extra good each time she comes in…I was told to wash her paws clean with bath and that was it.

  7. Lennox1492
    Lennox1492 says:

    I absolutely love your videos. I wish there were more veterinarians that practiced the same techniques and approach as you do. You truly do put logic and the best interest into professional practice, I love your informative videos and if you ever move to Dallas, please look me up. My boys (2 french bulldogs) would love to have a new primary care physician.

  8. Bonnie Barclay
    Bonnie Barclay says:

    Foot soaks with povidone iodine was a new thing for me. It makes perfect sense. My dog is constantly biting, chewing and licking his paw pads. I am anxious to soak his paws. We are going to begin using this iodine solution asap. Dr. Becker is just great and I so appreciate this website.

  9. alanckaye
    alanckaye says:

    my golden retriever bites @ her left front paw all the time. she often limps but other times she is fine. could this be her pads? it's only on the front left paw. i've seen her pulling the hair from her paw with her teeth.


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