How To Get Rid of Dark Circles? | Responding To Your Comments | Doctor Mike

We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell …

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  1. sara mashallah
    sara mashallah says:

    Seems p dangerous & insensitive to recommend bleach for under eye circles. Lots of darker skinned people just have darker spots under their eyes, just due to genetics. I’m sure you’ve heard of the racist history with skin bleaching products aimed at darker skinned people. I’d rethink that answer

  2. Tiffany Edwards
    Tiffany Edwards says:

    Laughs in Jamaican. Lol we are basically told to know what we want to do by the end of 9th grade when we are told to pick our subjects for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams usually 8-10 subjects including math and english and if you're unsure by then you better be sure by 12th grade when you take the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exam (CAPE) which is (4-5) subjects administered over 2 units at the end of 12th and 13th grade. These include one compulsory subject each year.

  3. loner
    loner says:

    my high school medical classes are good for college credits, right now im taking language in medicine and in my senior year im gonna go for medical assistant 🙂

  4. Chris Main
    Chris Main says:

    Dr. Mike, hypertension, but I'm already decently active and nearly vegan. Does coffee affect my overall average blood pressure? What else can I do to get it down?

    Further info: I drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning and a beer or two most evenings. My dad's dad died of a heart attack at 50. I'm a marine veteran and graduate student of international politics, both of which probably add to my stress independently and interactively.

  5. Morgana Pendragon
    Morgana Pendragon says:

    5:59 what doctor mike is talking about actually happened to me. I scratched my ear and got an ear infection in both ears. It was really painful (probably the worst pain of my life.) I couldn't sleep, my head was always hurting and this lasted for like 2 weeks. I got a fever and I was exhausted. Crying everyday cause it hurt so so so bad. And this is gross so just scroll down if your not good with that kind of stuff. There was like this disgusting watery mucus kind of thing coming out of my ear. All around it was a horrific experience for me. And to add to that my parents still sent me to school even though I could barely function. And Tbh the pain didn't completely go away. From time to time I still feel a little twinge of pain here and there. Please be careful and don't scratch the inside of your ear


  6. Syeda Kahkashan
    Syeda Kahkashan says:

    Hello doctor!
    I'm 25 and have been using sanitary pads since 12. 3 years ago I came over a commercial on menstrual cups and I am very interested in this product. I have done quite a research and got positive responses. But I'm still sceptical. I would like to know whether it is a good idea to switch to menstrual cups or not. Thank you 😊

  7. Jennica Harris
    Jennica Harris says:

    Haha, the only reason I pressed the like button on this video is because he said he would dye his hair if it reaches 200K likes. We aren't too far away! (Don't worry Doctor Mike, I won't hold you to it).

  8. Blonde Logic
    Blonde Logic says:

    Hey Dr. Mike! What are your thoughts on cryotherapy?

    Also can we talk about how many couches and couch pillows do u have?!🤣❤🤷‍♀️ would u be willing to do a video tour of ur batchelor pad?

  9. Maria m
    Maria m says:

    Hello! I have a question!!
    Is there a possibility that you eat something and instead of getting stomachache you get headache? I feel something is wrong with my stomach because every time I eat something that is cold in nature like tea or something I can't remember currently I get nausea and headache! One time it lasted for 5 days! I have headache and nausea for 5 fucking days😐 my brother is a doctor and he said your stomach is fine and you have migraine but he didn't do any tests and I didn't go to doctor for this and I am in this condition for almost 7 years and I can't drink tea very often and eating something sweet gets me headache!
    What do you think I have? Because I am very lazy and I don't want to go to doctor or leave the house 😐 I am kinda have problem but I didn't go out of house for so long I don't want to go out anymore unless I really have to 😐

  10. Marissa Olejniczak
    Marissa Olejniczak says:

    Doctor Mike!!! Would you consider doing a video reviewing No7 Skin care products from a medical perspective? I know you are not a dermatologist, but I am curious about the science behind it. I work for a company that heavily promotes the products!

  11. Enstrom Thy Spellcaster
    Enstrom Thy Spellcaster says:

    Dr. Mike question i have a big Iris, its not normal i know but sometimes my vision is excellent and sometimes its not. When i see a ophthalmologist, they told me i am a rare case because of my big Iris. So what do i do is it possible to reduce the size of my Iris like using laser?

    Ad Majorem dei Gloriam Dr. Mike… 😊😊😊

  12. shod01
    shod01 says:

    Hello Dr. Mike,

    Im an antiretroviral patient, with a couple mental health issue. Granted any patient with a chronic illness will suffer depression at one point in the life (statistically). I find my surroundings play more of a role than what my psych team believes. I’ve gone and come from my native home of Uruguay and while the USA my whole life. While in the US I’ve needed (in my opinion) more individual and personal medication. These have ranged from marijuana to amphetamines, not including the barbiturates, class 4 (SRNI)’s and the benzodiazepines I take prescribed daily. I don’t have these urges back home in Uruguay for the self medicated or the Physician prescribed meds. As I have dual citizenship and opportunity is more easily accessible here in the US;I feel bound by my need to achieve something (a degree) I can take home to help my people. That mouthful being said, what’s your take on the theory of rat park; environmental factors having extreme secondary mental affects on patients?

    <3 huge fan.

    P. S. 6 months Clean & sober.

  13. simon feuz
    simon feuz says:

    Just being a late commenter on the pollen thing…
    What would you suggest for someone who has to walk 5 minutes through the swiss alpine rural pollen region to get to the bus to go to thr train station with 10 minutes waiting time to go to university?
    Because there is no real time to not go out in this times lol


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