How To Grow Taller | Responding To Comments #21

We’ve got another juicy episode of responding to your medical comments! Today we talk about how to get taller or maximize your height, whether you should …

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  1. RaNDom TK
    RaNDom TK says:

    Random fact: If the American health care system would have been affordable, and much more practical then doc's in the USA would actually be far less rich than they are now.

  2. Pineapple on pizza IS GOOD
    Pineapple on pizza IS GOOD says:

    I have hyperhidrosis and it’s been my biggest insecurity since I was a little girl, in kindergarten I remember kids not wanting to hold my hand and I thought it was weird cuz I never realized that my hands were sweating all the time. I have social anxiety as well and I’ve read that it’s normal to have hyperhidrosis if u have social anxiety. Ok so basically I NEED help, my hands are dripping with sweat everywhere I go I can’t even hold papers without soaking them . And I never hold or shake hands. Help.

  3. WeaponsOfChrist
    WeaponsOfChrist says:

    1:00 If you get allergies early in life gives you a greater chance of those allergies fading away then if you get them later in life. This was the case for my dad and i hope it's for me too (But my dad was like a test mouse the hospital gave him super many shoots for the allergies like 3 per week)

  4. David Brož
    David Brož says:

    2:03 I don't like how Mike dismissed this question. I think he should get back to it and explain his reasoning. I suspect he made a wrong assumption about the situation.

    I have definitely heard stories of this maneuver being used. I never saw it but I believe my mother witnessed it first hand. You can grab the person by the legs and use gravity to let the water in the lungs. The problem with this method is that you need to lift almost 100% of the person's body weight from the ground so this only applicable by a larger person on a smaller person – like by a grown man on a child. (That is exactly the scenario my mother saw)

    Also, obviously, if there is water in the lungs, there is a chance of no heartbeat, and then you have a different problem that the above mention doesn't solve. In that scenario, refer to Doctor Mikes's motto. But if the person is still conscious and panicking, this might be useful.

  5. Valentina D'Este
    Valentina D'Este says:

    "if you're doing it because there is something unhealthy in your joints…" Wait. How do I know? If I don't pop my wrist on a regular basis, the pain in my wrist builds up and becomes really intense. Some days popping it doesn't help much. I asked my doctor and she told me to come back when the pain doesn't go away anymore. (This started 6 years ago after I fell on it)

  6. Arnold Collins
    Arnold Collins says:

    Am definitely feeling the vibes… At least I've got time for my fav doc now 👍…… Oh my God honestly speaking I've just had a conversation with my friend about my height and here I am now ten seconds later 😂😂😂lol


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