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This week I wanted to share with you a story of what is the type of work we have been involved in using the Limitless Tomorrow funds. After our successful initial …

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  1. Lovas
    Lovas says:

    Not sure if this is because of the algorithm, but this video was harder to find than some others. Love all these videos where you interview professionals in the field and highlight important often-overlooked topics!

  2. Randomly DIY
    Randomly DIY says:

    Cells at work- anime abt. an RBC navigating the human body. Sorry about the grammar and everything. I was trying to get you to see this in your notifications and e-mail.

    Cells at Work is a Japanese language anime with ENGLISH SUBTITLES about an RBC navigating herself/itself through the human body and faces many challenges along the way (can't tell you what it is, can't give spoilers).

    Dr. Hope, a UK second year foundation doctor from Sick Notes is currently doing this, so go and check him out and see for yourself if you think whether or not Cells at Work should have another season! Season 2 is coming soon for that show. I will also give you the Crunchyroll link.

    By the way, if you read this far, people have also requested you to do a review on Trauma Center: Second Opinion, an ATLUS 2005/06 Wii game about surgery.

    It begins with the storyline about a young doctor who just finished residency and accepted a tenured position in a hospital at some island place that sounds like Los Angeles who finds his way being a doctor again and battles on the frontlines with a fictional anime virus.

    There's also Trauma Center: New Blood (2007), and Trauma Team (2009) and I'll link that one for you, a channel called Karin's Channel, who has all three games down, no commentary action, gameplay only. Trauma Team has 6 different specialty gameplays (Surgery is one of them, not gonna tell you the rest), by the way.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnvgQCavmkM- Dr. Hope's Episode 1 review of Cells at Work.

    https://www.crunchyroll.com/cells-at-work- OBVI, the Crunchies! With ENG!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjw65U9oM5A&list=PL68551536AA4D48C5- Second Opinion- Chapter 1-1

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfr0VFa5bfQ- Trauma Team Episode 1- Surgery section.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CArNHdUSOI&list=PLmdrE90Hi2BQxzTJwhd3z_WDp9Tk7gW_V- New Blood- Chapter 1-1

    Sorry, I'm so annoying that I will post comments on your most recent videos.


  3. Gwin Willis
    Gwin Willis says:

    Social media can be very bad if it gives you false courage to be totally mean and type worse, more nasty comments to someone than you ever ever say to them in person. This is cyberbullying. Some people have committed suicide due to cyberbullying. The good side of social media is that you can finally find out easily if that guy you dated for just two months in college more than twenty years ago finally did get that high paying job he or she was boasting she/he would get after a good job interview at the college career placement office that day. Sometimes long lost blood relatives find each other through social media.
    Social media is a double edged sword. It can either bring you very good things or very bad things.

  4. Bubble Bath
    Bubble Bath says:

    MIT and Harvard guys be like : I have ONE Month Off ,
    Let's create cookie cutter for sculpting ribcage bone to repair ear damage to help the 3rd world countries
    Me be like : I have 5 years off , let's eat chips and binge watch everything = get fat and then die

  5. Kmacd 2000
    Kmacd 2000 says:

    Just found this and I’ve been watching your videos lately. I’m an NP student and my daughter has aural atresia and microtia. Thank you for helping get this off the ground and for Dr. Angelo Leto-Barone. My daughter has undergone hearing restoration (once with four revisions) but hasn’t been able to get her microtia repaired yet as we were denied due to my husband’s Active Duty medical insurance here in the US. I just want to say that this is huge for people, especially kids. She has been bullied her entire life because of her ear and just wants to wear her hair up and have earrings. Thank you so much Dr. Leto-Barone and Dr. Mike. I hope this works.

  6. Mireille Sobreira
    Mireille Sobreira says:

    Beautiful initiative. If the world had more doctors like you, it would be wonderful ! It is a praiseworthy and admirable profession. It is an act of love for one's neighbor. Congratulations, Doctor Mike! ! I'm loving your videos. Hugs and kisses from Brazil. 🔝💯 💋💋

  7. Mary Smith
    Mary Smith says:

    There are both pros and cons of social media. So far, it has been more negative and this negativity has gone much further in the direction of destruction, than of helping. Sorry, Dr. Mike. Trust me, even you, in the future will experience this. You just haven't experienced it yet.


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